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Why The SUV Is So Popular In India

What would be the reason behind SUV car owners not switching to the regular hatchbacks and sedans? I am sure most of you have never wanted to ask this question to yourself. Well firstly the SUV owner would never switch back to a hatchback or Sedan owing to its comfort level.

Have you ever wanted to go on a family picnic or a trip in one car but you never had that much room to fit in the whole family or have you ever got stuck in the floods in the rainy season. These are some problems which are easy to resolve once you have a SUV as your personal vehicle.

The other things also matter here such as a higher ground clearance, which means a car with extra height. This means:

  • Better view of the road ahead
  • Less bending down to get into the car
  • Less bending over when putting/securing your child in the car
  • More room for carrying stuff

Plus, the larger, heavier mass of an SUV makes people think they are safer. If they are involved in a collision with a smaller, lighter car, the larger, higher, heavier car tends to win.

The comfort of an SUV cannot also be matched with the Sedans/hatchbacks as a SUV has a longer suspension while it makes it easier to travel on roads with pot holes and also on bad surfaces.

These larger vehicles are also known as tow trailers as do really well once in snow. The grip is of the tyre in a SUV is much more than what you would have in a normal Sedan/hatchback variant.

Coming to the fuel efficiency part, these days people who buy a SUV are not really worried about Fuel Efficiency as everyone is mentally prepared that a SUV won’t be as efficient as a small car due to the larger body and engine also.

Coming back to safety, 90% SUV’s are designed that they be safe a quick now. The rest 10% left are still the ones which tend to rollover on the road because of their body shape and overall grip on the road.

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