Why Hyundai Xcent Is The Sedan Your Family Has Been Waiting For

Popularly known as the stylish family sedan, the Hyundai Xcent sure has found a place for itself in many family homes. In all fairness, the sedan here does deserve some attention for being so versatile and apt for every type of use – be it a road trip alone or with all your family members, the sedan does make the driving experience truly comfortable and memorable. So we decided to share with you all why Hyundai Xcent is the sedan your family could have been waiting for all these years.

Modern and progressive design 

Every family wants to have a vehicle that which they point at, they feel proud of and the thought process is pretty much similar across all families. The Hyundai Xcent is bound to catch your attention at the very first glance. Its assertive and enticing exteriors tend to have a subtle charm around them. The distinctive headlamps of the sedan further add to its sleek look and emphasize its modern outlook.

Complete peace of mind

If you’re someone who immediately looks for added benefits after the looks of a vehicle, well then, the Hyundai Xcent comes with plenty. The complete peace of mind is ensured by a 2 years warranty on unlimited kilometres that all authorised Hyundai dealerships like Capital Hyundai will offer. We know you want to be able to drive your vehicle worry-free!

Comfortable and spacious 

As we mentioned above, the Hyundai Xcent sure is a true family car. It is not just the exteriors that are designed with a modern approach, but also the interiors. Hence, the interiors are extremely comfortable and spacious. The ergonomic spacious interiors of the sedan are reason enough to not want to explore other vehicles!

High performance 

The Hyundai Xcent is not just a sedan with looks on the inside and out. The vehicle offers a thrilling driving experience, combined with a powerful and fuel efficient engine. Right from the ride and handling, to response and quietness, with an optimized aerodynamic technology, it sure is the vehicle that suits both adventure and thrill seeking driver needs, and the family needs. The aerodynamic design basically helps the vehicle achieve a low coefficient of drag, ensuring better stability.


Proactive safety 

When it comes to buying a vehicle for your family, safety always comes first and we absolutely understand why. Hence the Hyundai Xcent comes with a host of advanced and high-tech safety features to give everyone the protection they need – no matter how rugged the drive gest. The sedan comes with a smart anti-braking system, dual airbag and rear defogger. To know more about the safety features of the Hyundai Xcent, click here.

Unparalleled convenience 

When it comes to convenience, the sedan can compete with practically any vehicle and model you name out there. Designed to cater to you and your family’s needs, expect only the best from the sedan. With advanced features to not just make the ride and driving experience comfortable, the sedan comes with convenience features like a fully automatic temperature controller, smart storage spaces and more.

Impressed with the details of the family sedan? You’ll be further impressed when you take the vehicle out for a spin on a test drive with Capital Hyundai.

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