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How often should you get your car washed?

Have you ever imagined of not washing yourself; I am sure it would be a nightmare for maximum of us if there is no option of taking a bath. Though the frequency of getting the car washed is much lesser to taking a bath but still these needs to be done timely.

Your car is a big investment and you have paid tons to get it. You also get your oil filter, air filter, brakes etc changed on time but have you ever thought that washing a car as an investment too.

Once you travel on a road full of dust and the particles hit your car or maybe in a situation where a flock of birds aim at your wind shield or the deck of the car that’s when you think that the car should be given a proper wash. But the question here is- what about giving a wash to your car in other circumstances.

There are several reasons behind keep your car clean and getting it washed. Whether it be preventing from the rust or keeping the paint intact or maybe once selling the car the re-sale value matters. There are also other reasons as to why you should get your car washed.

Experts suggest that a car should be washed every two weeks. In situations where you live near an ocean or a sea, the frequency should be more as Salt is the main cause behind rusting of cars. Those who live more in the city can still manage to reduce the frequency but be cautious when the flock of birds targets your car. It is said to be acidic in nature which when kept on the car for a longer time will erode the car paint.

And we always think that a car should be washed more in summer as compared to the winters. Well the logic is vice versa, a car particularly should be washed more in winters. Salt from the road is one of the major reasons and it can damage the car easily. So it is recommended to get your cars washed through handheld pressure pipes so that it prevents the car from the salt buildup.

The interiors though are exposed less to the salt and dirt but it should always be cleaned simultaneously. The vacuum cleaner should be used in the interiors and also the foot mats in case of rubber mats should be washed thoroughly. In case you find any stains while vacuum cleaning, you can use the upholstery spot cleaner to clean the stains.

The seats of a car and the other interiors can be cleaned using less water and a mild detergent. In case a leather seat, it should be cleaned at least every three months to prevent the leather from cracking and ageing.

Waxing also plays a major role as it gives the car a shine and makes the car look new. Not only this but waxing prevents the salt buildup and keeps your car in a healthier condition.

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