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Must Have Winter Car Accessories

Let’s imagine a situation- you live in a hill station and on a chilly winter night, it has snowed in the night.
You wake up and see a clear blue sky and clear roads. When you are ready to leave for work, the car is
all covered with snow and you open the car trunk to take out the scraper but suddenly you realise it is
not there in the car.

Winter car preparation is necessary and crucial to stay safe in cold winter emergencies on the road.
Being prepared makes things easier if the car breaks down or gets stuck in snow situations. Here is the
list of items/accessories that one should have in their car:

Gloves and Winter clothing

Wearing gloves and other warm clothes make any task easier if you are in a chilly winter morning/day
time. Even if you need to pick up something the gloves keeps your hands warm and gives you the right
grip to pick up the thing you want. In the same way always keep a bundle of warm inners, gloves and
clothes as they would help you from frostbite. You will always do a better job of cleaning your car if you
are warm.


In case you have extra blankets kept at home, put on in your car. If you get stranded in case of a car
breakdown and the car doesn’t turn on again, the blanket would help you quite a lot as the car heater
won’t switch on in case of a breakdown.

Emergency reflectors

These are really crucial and should always be there in the car. In case the weather gets dark and
foggy/hazy, these play a vital role as you can see a vehicle stopped on the side of the road as these
would glow and reflect.

Rock Salt/Sand

These coarse materials will help your tires gain traction if your vehicle is stuck in the snow. Spread the
material near your tires and in your car’s path to get out of a slippery situation.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is crucial if someone is injured in a car crash. Although it’s essential year-round, this is one
of the most important things to keep in your car during winter because emergency vehicle response
time may be slow.

Windshield Washing Fluid

Make sure the washing fluid in the car has antifreeze properties to prevent the windshield from
freezing. Clearing the windshield with the fluid will help you while driving on a chilly winter night.


The use of flashlight is quite important. In case you get stranded on the road and the car is not in a
position to move, you can switch on the flashlight and give direction to other vehicles.

Rope or Chain

A towing material should always be included while preparing your car for winters.
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