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How To Maintain Your Car Engine

Let’s relate the car engine to the stomach, sounds familiar? Yes indeed, the car’s engine works quite similar as a human’s stomach. You feed your stomach with food so that you don’t starve and remain active. The same way the car engine needs oil so that it can run smoothly and doesn’t bother you while driving. It is a vital and important unit of the car which many of us don’t bother to look at and ignore it. The engine needs to be maintained properly and needs to be analyzed frequently to keep it running. To avoid any vulnerable situations, it is important to regularly check your engine.

There are some parts and mechanisms which, if not, daily have to be given weekly inspection. If regular inspections are done , the car engine is said to last longer and function efficiently.

Some Steps to be followed to ensure the car engine is healthy and running:

Check the cooling system of the engine

The cooling system has to be checked regularly as it helps to maintain the internal temperatures of the engine and also throw out excessive heat out of it. The cooling system consists of different parts such as the radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant.

The coolant plays an important role as it helps to keep the car cool. Ensure that the coolant is being distributed properly in the cooling chambers by checking the level of coolant at all times. Once damage done due to overheating, costs a lot.

Clean the engine’s nose

The engine utilises the air in the combustion chambers and it breathers in the same manner as humans do. It is important that you check the air filters regularly. The car needs a continuous stream of air to flow to run efficiently. The air needs to enter the engine frequently without any disturbance.

Ensure engine oil is changed

The engine oil should be properly checked and ensure that it is changed once in 10,000kms. Engine oil lubricates the engine parts and prevents from overheating and reduces wear and tear. If the engine oil is not changed in the prescribed timeline, it may cause serious damage to the car.

Ensure fuel filters are healthy

The fuel filters play a vital role by injecting clean fuel into the engine. This guards the engine against the build-up of damaging deposits and prevents the emergence of specks in the fuel supply. Fuel filters stop any substances or undesirable particles from forming, which can be destructive to the engine.

Engine Tune-ups

Ensure that tune-ups are done frequently, as they are necessary. Also change the spark plugs and check the ignition wires and other cables. The new models need fewer tune-ups regularly, as majority of modern cars don’t have the ignition wires or distributors found in older cars but instead use lifelong spark plugs.

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