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Know All About The Hyundai Technological Flagship Model: Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai recently showcased its technological flagship model at the India – Korea Business Summit 2018 – the Hyundai Nexo FCEV. The hydrogen fuelled Hyundai car is already making news for being futuristic in its approach and how it is going to take the automobile market by storm. Here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming Hyundai Nexo.

An eco-friendly flagship, the Hyundai Nexo is hydrogen fuelled and packed with state-of-the-art technology. The 95 kW fuel cell and 40 kW batter power electric motor makes a 291 lb-ft of torque. While the crossover is slow, its estimated range is said to reach an impressive 370 miles.

Some of the high tech features of the Hyundai Nexo include an advanced blind spot monitoring, semi autonomous assists and remote parking.

The Hyundai Nexo is the first dedicated fuel cell platform.

Even though the Hyundai Nexo will be sold in California only, Hyundai’s long term plan is to introduce 18 hybrid, electric or fuel cell vehicles worldwide by 2025. The brand is already offering hybrid versions of the Ioniq and Sonata in the United States and, showcased the same at the Auto Expo 2018 in India.

Hyundai Nexo Features

  • 183.9 inches long, 73.2 inches wide an 64.2 inches high – the Hyundai Nexo is longer than the Tucson Fuel Cell
  • The wheelbase is 5.9 inches longer than that of the Hyundai Tucson
  • The battery pack is located in the trunk of the Hyundai Nexo instead of the floor as in the Tucson Fuel Cell model
  • Comes with a smaller fuel cell stack, but provides more total energy: 95 kW fuel cell paired with a 40 kW battery pack
  • Hyundai Nexo is good 370 miles of range, which is higher than that of the Hyundai Tucson fuel cell model
  • The hydrogen tanks can be refuelled in approximated 5 minutes, as per Hyundai
  • The fuel cell of the Hyundai Nexo and the battery pack will work together to feed a 161 hp electric motor, that generates 27 horsepower
  • Bolstered components to handle temperatures as cold as 20 degrees below zero and heat as much as 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Hyundai also says that this new powertrain is much smaller and lighter. The moving parts of the Hyundai Nexo are placed in the engine bay to reduce the noise caused in the cabin.

The other technological advancements added to the Hyundai Nexo includes a blind spot monitoring system. The system uses wide angle cameras on both sides of the vehicle, displays the view to the rear and sides of the screen.

Some semi autonomous features include a lane following assist that will enable the driver to center the vehicle in a lane at speeds of up to 90 mph; a highway driving assist to help adjust speeds using map information; and a remote park assist feature to park and retrieve the car with or without a driver being on board.

Find all of this impressive? Then you’ll love watching the video that got released by Hyundai Worldwide:


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