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How To Keep Car Seats Cooler As Temperatures Soar

There are different types of car seats which are available in the market today. Ranging from a leather car seat to a clothing option there is so much to research. Various eye-appealing designs and material is available to beautify the interiors of your car. But the point here is how many of us actually take care of the seating once it has been installed, be it a leather seat or any other option. A few indeed, because none of us bothers to get it dry cleaned or washed once they have been fit in the car.

Since now the hot summer days are here and once you start to drive, you get all sweaty by the time you reach the destination. There are quite a few options now available for applying sun shades to your car so that they could protect you from the heat. Be it a magnetic sun shade or a total zipper shade which fits directly to your window as they are customised according the car needs. These are essential to keep the car seats cooler.

Also try to park your car in some place where it is not directly facing the sun or find indoor parking options so that the car interiors and seats remain cooler once you are ready to drive it back.

The air-conditioning system also should reach the backseat so that the cool air is distributed equally inside the car making it easier and comfortable for everyone to sit inside. Ensure that the vent of the Ac is adjusted in such ways. For the cars without enough vents, the noggle should be used as it distributes the air to the backseat making it comfortable for the passengers to travel comfortably.

There are some other ways too to keep the car seats cooler when temperatures soar:

Use a dash cover

A fabric or upholstered cover survives longer making your car seats comfortable and easier to sit. The dash covers also protect the sensitive vinyl from cracking and fading.

Park in the garage 

When at home, try to park your vehicle in the car or if you are living in a society, try to park your car in the basement. In case you have an independent land, make sure you plan your parking space right in the beginning and place it in such a way that the car is not facing the sun directly.

Keep the windows slightly open

While it is not recommended to open your windows in the hot summer, once you’re car is parked, ensure that the window is open minimally so that there is enough ventilation to keep your car cool.

Throw blankets over the seats

If your car has vinyl or leather seating, the material becomes really hot when exposed to direct sunlight and the car interior also heat up. To keep the car seats cool, throw blankets over them. When you return you can fold the blankets and keep it in the trunk of the car.

Is your Hyundai car over-heating? It might be time for a little love and care. 

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