Hyundai Creta vs Kia Seltos: Clash of the Two Mid-Size SUVs

When it comes to driving a mid-size SUV, the biggest advantage is its size. If you are looking for more cargo volume or passenger space, going for a mid-size SUV is a smart choice. Apart from the size factor, SUVs also have more power and a greater towing capacity allowing more versatility in terms of strength. Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos are two Korean cousins which have gained a lot of popularity. However, with the addition of new features on all the trims, Hyundai Creta has managed to be the top-selling compact SUV in the Indian market. 

Impressive Interiors 

Even though both the cars have loads of features, Hyundai Creta gets an extra edge with a digital instrument cluster which comes with Drive Mode Shift, a novel functionality that allows users to access and apply alternative themes and skins, such as eco, comfort and sport, based on visual preferences. Creta has a smooth driving experience with paddle shifters. When your car is in automatic mode, you only need to push the paddle to put the car in manual mode. You can even upshift or downshift the transmission by clicking on the paddle shifters as you drive. The cooled glove box of Hyundai Creta allows you to enjoy summer road trips by keeping you hydrated with cool drinks.

Safety Features 

For ensuring a secure drive, the Hyundai Creta comes with a strong body structure with AHSS. To prevent loss of control at the time of sudden braking, Vehicle Stability Management is there. Other safety features include hill assist control, rear disc brakes, electronic stability control, a rear camera with dynamic guidelines, an emergency stop signal to avoid a collision and a burglar alarm in case of a car theft attempt. It also comes with an electronic parking brake that Kia Seltos is missing onto.


When it comes to the front seats, both the cars get cooled ones with power adjust for the driver, but Creta’s seats are larger and better suited for larger body frames. Both the cars offer generous space but Creta has the softer, better seat cushioning with more thigh support and a good backrest angle. The soft cushions strapped to the rear headrests are the cherry on the top, especially for long journeys. 

High-tech Features 

The Creta comes with features like an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, tyre pressure monitor, electric tail gate release, power folding wing mirrors, a flat-bottom steering wheel and also a cooled glove box over the Seltos. The voice-operated sunroof can be opened or closed using the BlueLink technology which reduces distraction, increases convenience and ensures more safety. The Creta also comes with electronic parking brakes as against a mechanical parking brake in the Kia Seltos. The e-brake with auto hill-hold control in Creta is a driver aid technology that keeps the car from rolling back when the driver starts driving from a stop on a hill, slope, or any inclined surface. The one-touch cruise control in Creta adds to the overall convenience while the Seltos offers this feature without the one-touch benefit. Not only this, Hyundai also offers Creta with the remote start feature on both manual and automatic variants.

Ride and Handling 

Creta feels smoother on the go. The Eco mode in Creta lets you enjoy a calm ride and with the automatic climate control, the temperature inside the car is monitored to offer better efficiency. The DCT gearbox in the Comfort mode shifts to the highest possible gear without any effort. Its suspension has been designed to act as a better low-speed absorption and the steering wheel feels light in the hands. If you want to experience a sporty ride, Creta also comes with a Sport mode. When speeding through, the motor feels strong and revs are held till 5000rpm after which it shifts automatically. 

The Hyundai Creta is indeed the better choice that is extremely comfortable and has a solid build, massive boot & powerful engine. It is loaded with features, you will fall in love with the way Creta drives through bumpy roads with absolute ease.  

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