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How To Avoid Car Skidding In Monsoons

Whether it is the monsoons, summers or winters skidding can be avoided easily regardless of the season you are driving the car. More than 60% of the cars in India are not serviced on time or maybe have not had a routine check-up. This is because either you skip your routine check-up of the car and delay it by another month which in turn gets delayed further. Also it has been noticed that people who get their routine check-up done or get the car serviced on time still fail to concentrate on the main parts of the car which are the wheels and the brakes.

Skidding is caused because of the brakes and tyres and there is nothing you could do about it if they are not checked on time. Since we are focusing more on skidding the maximum times a car skids is in the rainy season because the grip of the tyres are lesser than what they are in the other seasons.

It is suggested not to speed on the road in any circumstance, but also at the same time the average speed of the car should be around 60kmph in the monsoons when the road is heavily drenched with water. At times the brakes work a little less as compared when the brake is applied on a blank road. The grip of the tyre is lost at times and chances of skidding are the maximum.

Also take precautionary steps before the monsoons like:

  • Check for the tyre threads. In case they are worn out, get the tyre replaced immediately.
  • Also get your tyres filled with sufficient air pressure. The less the tyre pressure, the chances of skidding are always more.
  • Keep your car in a healthy condition and you would sail through the road journey easily.
  • If the car is equipped with the ABS technology, apply the brakes normally.
  • In case you do not have an ABS system in your car, then regain control of the brakes by steering it in the direction you want it to go.
  • Also do not forget to get your tyre alignment and balancing done. This helps a lot as the main reason behind a worn out tyre is the alignment of the wheels.

Talking about aquaplaning, do you really know what does an aquaplane mean? This means that the car starts to glide on the road due to lack of contact between the road and the car tyres. The water layer comes in between the road and the tyres causing the driver to lose control of the car. Aquaplane is also known as a hydroplane which when combined with skidding can be dangerous because there is a loss of traction when brakes are applied hard on a slippery road.

Aquaplaning and skidding could happen also on low speeds and is a serious threat to life. So  please ensure that everything is perfectly checked before you start to drive in the monsoon.

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