Some handy hacks to remove scratches from your car

Scratches are unavoidable especially in India. It is really frustrating when your new car gets scratched and you start feeling helpless. Majority of times the scratches on the car exterior are because of some people trying to play with the car, especially when the car is parked in a public place.

Once you leave the car for an hour or so, it would never be in the same condition.  Also, people should never park their cars under a tree. This would increase the number of scratches on their car top and sides as the small twigs and branches of the tree which fall from height cause damage to the car. It might not be noticeable but if you look at the sight properly, you would find numerous scratches on the sides and top as the corners of the twigs are sharp and rub of the car paint at times.

Here are some tips on how you could remove scratches from your car:

Remove scratch with a toothpaste

Ever wondered how a scratch could be removed with toothpaste? Well this works the best if the scratches are not deep and haven’t entered the layer of paint. Toothpaste sands down the uneven surface on your car sheen and fills in the gap. In case there is irrelevant paint on the exterior, the toothpaste was act as an abrasive to help expel that as well.

Selecting the right paste is also an integral part as every toothpaste won’t work properly. Whitening toothpaste works because of its rougher, grittier texture. Though you might not feel a difference in your brushing routine, it makes a significant difference when used on your car’s paint. Whitening toothpaste contains small, barely discernible abrasives, ones that similar to the abrasives found in car polish. As you gently rub the toothpaste against your car, the abrasive action removes tiny layers of film and clear coat, polishing away those ugly marks and leaving a glistening mirror shine.

Remove car scratches with a clear coat

Minor scratches, ones with low shine can always be removed with the clear coat compound easily. This helps in bringing back the car in good shape and it would also act as an abrasive which would in turn remove the minor scratches from the exterior.

Get the car exterior rubbed

Getting the car exterior rubbed where the minor scratches are clearly visible can easily take out these scratches and give the car a new look again. This is a way to get rid of the scratches on the car but it will cost you more and might not be done efficiently if you are not aware of the best place.

If you are not confident on these hacks, please do not try these at home. Trust the experts and get proper guidance at the service center. That’s the best way to deal with such situations.

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