road safety with hyundai

Road safety rules you must absolutely abide by

Every citizen of India staying here should be aware of some basic safety rules while traveling on the road. It is even our duty to abide by those rules for the safety and betterment for own self and every other citizen of our country. It is even more important to follow some traffic signals as they are a part of the road safety rules.

Over 150,000 people in India are killed every year due to traffic accidents. With a per day average of 400 fatalities, India has one of the highest rates of accidents in the whole world. One of the prime reasons for these accidents is the negligence of road safety norms and traffic signs. Be it a pedestrian or a person driving a car/motorcycle, having awareness about road safety norms and traffic signs are an absolute necessity in today’s time.

Traffic signs are also an integral part as they provide important information on the condition of roads. They also guide people on how they should conduct themselves on the road. People who are aware of these tend to make fewer mistakes and reach their destination safely.

In India, any person applying for a driving license in a legal way is required to get familiar with the road safety signs and rules. They need to go through a driving test written or oral before they obtain the license. Here are some ways or tips you could follow to be safe and follow the traffic rules:

  • Road signs inform drivers of the correct lanes to take so that they can avoid blockages caused due to abrupt turns.
  • Provide significant information about sensitive junctions and curves, speed limit, and presence of hospitals or schools nearby so that drivers can adjust their pace accordingly.
  • Inform vehicle owners about available/restricted parking areas, entry and exit points, and more.
  • Guide heavy, medium, and light vehicles with proper division of lanes.
  • Ensure discipline on the roads by the implementation of lane discipline and overtaking rules.
  • Inform motorists about directions to take, potential dangers ahead, and rules to follow on highways.

The Police of India has also started taking strict action against the people not following the rules and the traffic signals. There has been an increase in the amount of the challan rates and where people could escape easily earlier now have to pay a minimum of Rs 2000 if not following the rules.

It is not only about the challans here but if every citizen takes responsibility for themselves, the number of road accidents would reduce at quite a pace and for every person, it would become safe to travel on the road. It has been noticed that people only follow rules when it gets strict on them and never think about safety while being on road.

Hence it is the responsibility of every person staying in this country to abide by the rules so that every other person traveling on the road is safe.

road safety with hyundai

Bring about the ‘Safe Move’! What Hyundai’s latest road safety campaign teaches us

India is a country with one of the highest numbers of road accidents, as per statistics, and this is not a number to be proud of. In our daily hustle, where we somehow fall short of minutes, yet we have to reach on time, we take the risks and short cuts caring less for our lives, and at that moment, we care less about those who care about us. One wrong cut, one precarious move, and life are lost, and along with that life tossed into the bin of death are a thousand dreams that were too small for the universe perhaps but were the universe of that person and those who mattered to him. Life matters, and so does your safe moves, and that is what Hyundai’s latest road safety campaign aims to teach us. Here are a few things that we deciphered from it, and so should you.

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