hyundai venue features

The Hyundai Venue Features That Make It A Class Apart

The Korean car maker has launched its new compact SUV, the all new Hyundai Venue. The car comes with 1 diesel engine and 2 petrol engine variants. The Diesel engine is 1396 cc and the petrol engines are 1197 and 998 cc respectively, with both manual and automatic transmission. The mileage varies from 17 to 23.7 Kmpl depending upon the variant and fuel type of the car. The compact SUV has a seating capacity of 5 people.

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buy used Hyundai car

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Used Hyundai Car

Most people are always in a dilemma whether to buy a used car or a new car. Nowadays, the used car market is growing rapidly. Also, the luxury pre-owned car dealers are more interested in attracting customers like us by offering good discounts on these cars. Though the market is still at a nascent stage, every individual should be aware and cautious before you actually turn your fancies into reality, in case of a pre-owned car. There are dealers who function without proper licenses and improper documentation so you might get into trouble.

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Looking For A Comfortable Sedan? Here Are The Hyundai Cars You Need To Consider

Sedan. The word itself represents comfort on a long drive or even the frequent in-city driving one often has to do. But similar to SUVs, practically all automobile brands are launching new sedans every year and that makes it difficult to choose which one really suits ones needs. That’s why we believe in choosing Hyundai when it comes to sedans – they don’t just have a proven track record of becoming the number one in the industry, but are also continually improving in delivering an impeccable experience.

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