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Buy A Hyundai Car: Tips to consider when buying a kid-friendly car

It’s a difficult task to buy a car when you have all age group people in your family especially kids. Especially when you want to buy a Hyundai car.

If you too have been confused about which car you should go for, with all the recent releases coming with power packed features, don’t fret. We’re here to make your job easier! Our experts have laid down very simple questions that will help you decide which Hyundai car you should be buying.

1) Do you want easy to install car seats? 

This means read-through for latch capacity, having an adequate amount of space in the backseat to manoeuvre a seat inside, and no awkward angles in the doorway or seats to work all over the place. Also, keep in mind that portable seats don’t fold with car seats in them, so don’t bet on folding them down frequently if you are moving car seats in them.

2) How much cargo space do you need?

Taking kids sitting room also means taking a lot of stuff along with you! Whether to sports, vacation, or just daily use, kids mean more stuff. So the load space requirements should be huge enough for all that junk. You know best how much you typically pull around.

3) How much backseat space do you need? 

On top of paraphernalia in the truck, kids like toys and snacks everywhere with them, in their seat too. Get a car with a decent amount of space next to and round them for their toys and their bases. And cup containers! Plus don’t fail to recall how much they like to kick their legs and that those same legs will keep increasing. Backseats that can slide back and forth are enjoyable to make leg and cargo space flexible.

4) How frequently do you need to clean it?

Kids are messy. Pick a car and interiors that will be fairly easy to clean. You want to make sure that you’re not investing in something that is irreplaceable or can’t be cleaned/ fixed. Another alternative, is to look for an Authorized Hyundai Service Center in Noida and send your car for monthly cleaning/ servicing to keep it in its best condition.

5) What technology do you want?

If you go on road-trips on a regular basis and want your kids to be able to fob watch TV on the highway, get a car with built-in TV’s. If they love music, make sure the radio has all the music variety you want. If tablets are their addiction, make sure there is a handy power source. For all the technology in the car, the laid-back they are to operate the better. If you can’t swiftly hit buttons to make things happen while telling your kids to chill while watching the road, it’s of no use.

6) How many seats do you need?

If you have two kids and plan on having more, get to some degree with a third row. It’s conceivable to fit 3 car seats across a single row, but not easy. And growing kids will want to bring friends or grandma with in the future, so extra seats will come in super handy. You know how uncomfortable it gets when everyone needs to fit into a very small space – especially when you’re driving long distance.

7) Who is driving/ riding with you?

Your kids aren’t the only individuals in the car. Keep in mind what will make them happy and comfortable too, but make sure you think through your needs and happiness as well. You are the one driving, make sure your seat is comfortable, everything is in easy reach, and you like the car too! If you aren’t at ease, you can’t manage your kids as well either.

8) What is it used for?

What you use your car for extremely changes your needs. If you only use it in city, it just needs to be easy to get in and out of. If you drive 30+ minutes daily, the extras and amenities are helpful. If you are recurrently taking road trips, the cars ability to drive long-distance and the interior extras that make road-trips more kid-friendly are way more important.

Still not able to decide which car is the best for your family? 
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