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Bring about the ‘Safe Move’! What Hyundai’s latest road safety campaign teaches us

India is a country with one of the highest numbers of road accidents, as per statistics, and this is not a number to be proud of. In our daily hustle, where we somehow fall short of minutes, yet we have to reach on time, we take the risks and short cuts caring less for our lives, and at that moment, we care less about those who care about us. One wrong cut, one precarious move, and life are lost, and along with that life tossed into the bin of death are a thousand dreams that were too small for the universe perhaps but were the universe of that person and those who mattered to him. Life matters, and so does your safe moves, and that is what Hyundai’s latest road safety campaign aims to teach us. Here are a few things that we deciphered from it, and so should you.

Abide by the rules

Traffic rules are there for a reason. With a large volume of vehicles on road and the tendency of people to not go for pools, the signals will be longer. But nothing is more precious than life, not even those minutes. Don’t jump that light, or switch to that wrong lane.

Speed, but in games

Constrict your guilty pleasure of speeding to video games and not the actual roads. Go slow to medium. You may have the best machine in the market, but the roads are the same. Take care of yourself and take control of the car, but don’t go beyond a certain limit. It can cost you your life.

Strap up!

Barney Stinson’s rule for dating and almost everything was, “Suit up!”. You create your own rule of “Strap up”. Put on that seat belt, it is not just an accessory to admire but a life-saving one.

Keep those documents

Never travel without your driving license and other relevant documents. It is a legal requirement, yes.


Drunken driving is an absolute no. The moment alcohol touches your senses and you know you are in a happy tizzy, take a cab and give your car keys to a friend who is sober. “I can do it” is not the answer always.

Tuck in that mobile

You may think that taking that call or replying to that text may not affect your driving, but honey, here’s why you are wrong. Driving requires all your senses on high alert, for you are on a road which has so many other lives around you. Even if you divert yourself for a moment, it can bring about damage to you and to others. So, keep that mobile aside for some time.

Read between the lanes and be safe. Someone’s waiting for you. Someone will always wait for you, not your news.

Here’s what we did with Hyundai India for the road safety week – don’t forget to like and share!

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