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A 3-Step Guide To Choosing The Right Hyundai Car Dealer In Noida

The current market scenario is dynamic. The automobile industry consists of many manufacturers and dealers that provide a platform to the general public to buy from. That is why it is important to choose the right Hyundai car dealer in Noida.

“The decision to buy a car is an achievement, but so is choosing the correct dealer.”

The experience of purchasing a car differs for every customer. If you are planning to buy a car, your basics should be clear. You should set a budget, desirable car brand(s), mode of payment, car requirements and more. But it’s the right Hyundai Car Dealer in Noida who will make it all easy for you.

But what’s most important is your car dealer. He should be someone who not only explains you everything there is to know around buying a car but also is helpful post the purchase. To make your purchase experience a memorable one, we present to you a 3-step guide to choose the perfect car seller.

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Hyundai customer care service test drive

Buy A Hyundai Car: Tips to consider when buying a kid-friendly car

It’s a difficult task to buy a car when you have all age group people in your family especially kids. Especially when you want to buy a Hyundai car.

If you too have been confused about which car you should go for, with all the recent releases coming with power packed features, don’t fret. We’re here to make your job easier! Our experts have laid down very simple questions that will help you decide which Hyundai car you should be buying.

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hyundai car service

Local Mechanic Or An Authorised Hyundai Service Center?

Servicing your car is one of the essential steps to keep it running in a better condition. Once you buy a car, keeping it in a good shape is only achieved by timely service. To find the best type of car service providers is a task in itself as the market is flooded with them claiming to be the best out of the rest. Both authorized service center and independent workshops services cover your basic maintenance but then choosing one can be tricky.

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maintain your engine

How To Maintain Your Car Engine

Let’s relate the car engine to the stomach, sounds familiar? Yes indeed, the car’s engine works quite similar as a human’s stomach. You feed your stomach with food so that you don’t starve and remain active. The same way the car engine needs oil so that it can run smoothly and doesn’t bother you while driving. It is a vital and important unit of the car which many of us don’t bother to look at and ignore it. The engine needs to be maintained properly and needs to be analyzed frequently to keep it running. To avoid any vulnerable situations, it is important to regularly check your engine.

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car insurance

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking A Car Insurance

When buying a car, there are some necessary things which one must make sure about having it in hand. These include the registration certificate, the driving license and most importantly the car insurance. Most people do not give it a thought while getting car insurance done. They treat it as a formality but this should not be the case with anyone. Often low premium costs are the deciding factor while picking a car insurance product. This could easily mean not having adequate or enough protection cover during an accident or damage. It would be useful and wise to go online and compare the insurance products available on several parameters including the cost. Not just that, you should be aware of all the facts before finalizing the insurance product.

Listing down the most important 5 things to be known when finalizing car insurance:

Low Premium on High Deductibles

Car insurance companies decide prices on the estimate of the money they think they will have to pay you in case of any eventuality. However, if you agree to raise your deductibles, hence decreasing the amount that the insurance company has to give in your claim, they usually offer a low premium. Avoid opting for this unless you can afford to pay the deductibles.

Policy Lapse/Expire

Insurance companies don’t like car owners who do not have a motor insurance policy. They are considered an irresponsible and risky investment. So they fall back on the security of high premiums. Allowing your car insurance policy to lapse may cost you more than you think. The new policy will not come cheap for sure.

Zero Depreciation

A zero depreciation cover is your safest bet. This type of cover offers full settlement without factoring in the depreciation. So in case, your car meets with an accident, a zero depreciation cover ensures you do not have to pay anything from your pocket for the damage caused vis-à-vis a normal car insurance that factors in depreciation and makes a considerably reduced settlement.

No Claim Bonus Transfer

Upgraded your car? You can transfer your accumulated NCB to your new car. Moved to a new insurer? Again, you can transfer your current No claim Bonus to the car insurance policy under the new firm. As simple as that!

Engine insurance

Did you know that you can opt for an add-on that would cover your engine as well to save you the cost of repairs that are not caused by an accident? Engine repairs can get pretty expensive, especially if the damage is caused by flooding, and this add-on will save you a lot of trouble, and of course, money!

There are a lot many things more too which should be kept in mind but these are one of the most important. In case you feel that you should have more knowledge before purchasing insurance, visit us at Capital Hyundai and our team of experts would be able to assist you better.

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