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Car winter care: Tips to prepare your car for winters

The driving conditions in winter as quite different as compared to the conditions in summer. While you
prepare yourself for the winter driving conditions, the car should also be ready for the challenge.

Here are some tips on how to prepare the car for winters and keep your safety at its best:

Change your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades can crack and split over time, leading to slow, squeaky blades that don’t perform well. And
that’s the last thing you want for rainy or snowy winter weather. Change your wiper blades to winterize
your car and consider buying more durable winter-ready wiper blades if you live in a harsher climate.

Prepare the Wiper fluid

Make sure the car wiper fluid reservoir is full so that it is easier to wash away the winter grime. If
temperatures drop close to freezing temperatures, buy the wiper fluid which has anti-freeze properties
and fill the reservoir with such liquids.

Check Air pressure in Tires

Take a look at the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle model and refill any of your tires so that
they reach the recommended pressure. This will help you deal with road conditions more reliably.

Availability of Winter tools in your car

Pack your ice scraper, booster cables, gloves and other important winter morning tools in your car for
easy access.

Check your battery

Extreme temperatures can affect batteries, so you should make sure that your battery is clean. And that
the connections are secure and not corroded. If it’s an older battery, consider getting it tested and
possibly replaced before the weather gets bad to winterize your car.

Change Engine Oil

Old oil is even more sluggish in winters because of the combination of different contaminants. It is
recommended that you replace the oil and winterize the car completely.

Keep the coolant fresh

Coolant is one of the best antifreeze the car could get. This is because it prevents your engine from
freezing up. Coolant should be changed every few years to keep it fresh, clean and effective.

Check the Car Brakes

Check your brakes completely and the brake fluid should always be full. In case your brakes are making
noise, it means the brake pads have worn out and need to be replaced. It is always recommended that
the brakes be kept in the best condition to avoid any mishappening.

Keep an emergency kit ready

Your emergency kit should always be ready and kept in the car. It should contain a pair of gloves, a
torchlight, bag of sand, first aid kit, small towel, extra batteries etc.

CNG/LPG vehicle owners- To Keep gas tank half full

While you are driving in summers, it is okay to have your gas cylinders emptied and refill but make sure
that your gas cylinder is half-full during winter months. This will keep the car warm and running and help
you from getting stranded on the road.

These are some basics which you should follow while making your car ready for winters, but trusting an authorized service center is even better.

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winter car accessories

Must Have Winter Car Accessories

Let’s imagine a situation- you live in a hill station and on a chilly winter night, it has snowed in the night.
You wake up and see a clear blue sky and clear roads. When you are ready to leave for work, the car is
all covered with snow and you open the car trunk to take out the scraper but suddenly you realise it is
not there in the car.

Winter car preparation is necessary and crucial to stay safe in cold winter emergencies on the road.
Being prepared makes things easier if the car breaks down or gets stuck in snow situations. Here is the
list of items/accessories that one should have in their car:

Gloves and Winter clothing

Wearing gloves and other warm clothes make any task easier if you are in a chilly winter morning/day
time. Even if you need to pick up something the gloves keeps your hands warm and gives you the right
grip to pick up the thing you want. In the same way always keep a bundle of warm inners, gloves and
clothes as they would help you from frostbite. You will always do a better job of cleaning your car if you
are warm.


In case you have extra blankets kept at home, put on in your car. If you get stranded in case of a car
breakdown and the car doesn’t turn on again, the blanket would help you quite a lot as the car heater
won’t switch on in case of a breakdown.

Emergency reflectors

These are really crucial and should always be there in the car. In case the weather gets dark and
foggy/hazy, these play a vital role as you can see a vehicle stopped on the side of the road as these
would glow and reflect.

Rock Salt/Sand

These coarse materials will help your tires gain traction if your vehicle is stuck in the snow. Spread the
material near your tires and in your car’s path to get out of a slippery situation.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is crucial if someone is injured in a car crash. Although it’s essential year-round, this is one
of the most important things to keep in your car during winter because emergency vehicle response
time may be slow.

Windshield Washing Fluid

Make sure the washing fluid in the car has antifreeze properties to prevent the windshield from
freezing. Clearing the windshield with the fluid will help you while driving on a chilly winter night.


The use of flashlight is quite important. In case you get stranded on the road and the car is not in a
position to move, you can switch on the flashlight and give direction to other vehicles.

Rope or Chain

A towing material should always be included while preparing your car for winters.
And if you are still confused, come and check out the accessories at Noida Sector 63 at Capital Hyundai
and get a wider glance here.

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hyundai service appointment

Booking your Hyundai service appointment just got easier

Hyundai has always been on the move and recently it has been making things much easier for its customers. The Korean Brand has announced a feature on Whatsapp where one would be able to book appointments, receive invoices, share the feedback and raise any query/problem through the messaging app.

You could receive all this by just giving a missed call on +918367796869.

In today’s scenario of a market slowdown, Hyundai is doing really well and has been going all guns blazing.

They have launched three cars back to back, all of them in different segments starting with Hyundai Kona, the first electric vehicle in its segment following the Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS and then the all new Hyundai Elantra. With all this, the Korean brand has been outstanding with customers and their services.

The company has been organising different experience campaigns across the country. This has given the car buyers an opportunity to experience the brand for all service-related needs, in case they are planning to buy a new Hyundai car, evaluate their existing car and test drive the brand’s range.

In case you’re one of them who still want to experience the campaign, you could visit the DLF Mall of India in Noida on the ground floor, where the Hyundai Venue and the Grand i10 NIOS are in display and one can experience the true feel of the cars.

The staff would also assist you with your after-sales service related queries and any other query which would be of help to anyone. Adding to this once you buy a Hyundai vehicle, never be in two minds whether the car needs to be serviced from a local mechanic shop or from a Hyundai dealership. While many of us choose to go to a local mechanic, choosing an authorized service center is always better.

For those who are staying in Noida, you could visit Capital Hyundai at Sector 63 for hassle-free car service and any pre-sales and post-sales service-related issues. The dealers would give you a detailed idea on the cost and the parts/services which are being used for your Hyundai to be in a good shape. In today’s scenario, our cars are well equipped with GPS systems, Automatic transmissions and much more.

Here comes the major role of an authorized service dealer who could help you and get your systems into place again, if they fail.

Now that Hyundai has also launched its services on WhatsApp, it has become more convenient for the Hyundai customers to just give a missed call and avail these through WhatsApp.

In case, you need to know more in detail, visit Capital Hyundai at Noida Sector-63 and the service staff
would be happy to assist you.

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The experience of purchasing a car differs for every customer. If you are planning to buy a car, your basics should be clear. You should set a budget, desirable car brand(s), mode of payment, car requirements and more. But it’s the right Hyundai Car Dealer in Noida who will make it all easy for you.

But what’s most important is your car dealer. He should be someone who not only explains you everything there is to know around buying a car but also is helpful post the purchase. To make your purchase experience a memorable one, we present to you a 3-step guide to choose the perfect car seller.

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