How to prevent engine reheating as the summers come in

Engine reheating is really common in India during the summers. Most of us do not prepare our car for the summer season and without giving it the break, our cars keep on moving until the engine temperatures soar up and we are stranded on the roads. This makes life pretty stressful and difficult for those who actually don’t care. Since the summer season has almost arrived, we must take proper care and prepare our vehicle according to the heat conditions outside.

Here are some ways which could make life easier and prevent your engine from getting overheated:

Check the radiator and coolant regularly

One of the best ways to prevent your engine from overheating is to check the coolant and water in the car. Depending upon the age and condition of your car, it could be done daily or on a weekly basis. Imagine you going on a road trip and the car’s engine starts to overheat! You have nothing to do but to stand on the road. Nobody would actually want that to happen on a road trip at least.

Keep an eye on the temperature signal/reminder

Most of us keep an eye on the petrol reminder and take it to the last point but most of us do not keep an eye on the temperature signal. It is important to keep an eye on the temperature reminder too when on roads in summer. The engine temperature is pretty high in summers and in case the car starts to heat, do not panic. Take it to the nearest filling stations or a proper service centre to get it checked and verified.

Turn off the car’s air-conditioner

Once you get to see the engine’s temperature rising, turn off the air conditioner immediately so that the load on the engine reduces. This would also help in getting the temperature down. Also, the other way of bringing the temperature down is to turn on the blower on full blast which would actually help the engine temperature to reduce but it will make the inner cabin really hot as well.

Rev it while on neutral

In case you are stuck in traffic, shift the car on neutral and rev the engine. This allows the fan to create more air and also allows the car coolant (in case anything left) to flow in.

Carry extra water and coolant

Especially during the summers if the car gets overheated, water is a must. Open the cap of the radiator once the car cools down. Remember- Never open the radiator when the car is heated. The pressure would come directly onto the hands and face leading to serious burns. Once the car has cooled down, fill the radiator with water.

Check for any leakage

Once you have filled the water and coolant, before you head out again, check for any leakage. In case of any leakage, visit an authorized service centre and get it fixed.

There are engine health checkups which are organized by the service centre and you could get your engine checked by visiting us at Capital Hyundai- Noida Sector 63.

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Hyundai aura

Why should you consider buying the Hyundai Aura?

The Hyundai Aura has recently been launched in India and has been making it to the headlines. So far so good that it has already made a mark in the auto industry. Hyundai expanded its line of cars by the launching this compact sedan which is made for all your family needs. The Aura has been launched in 3 different variants- Petrol, Diesel and CNG and is also compliant with the

BS6 norms recently launched by the government. In terms of dimensions, the Hyundai Aura is 3995mm in length and 1680mm in width along with a height of 1,520mm and a wheelbase of 2,450mm.

The compact sedan has been launched to give a tough competition to the other sedans in the same range as the Maruti Dzire, Ford Aspire and Honda Amaze. It has several features like wireless charging, rearview monitoring on the driver’s side, gear knob wrapped in leather, chrome outside the door handles, air curtain, emergency stop signal etc. There are many other features and the list goes on. You need to check it out to know what really inside.

The BS6 diesel engine is the smallest so far and will attract higher mileage users. It has a 1.2 litre, four-cylinder engine which will be the smallest BS6 compliant engine on sale in India. It is available in a 5-speed manual and AMT gearbox.

In other words, it is the new generation Xcent and looks pretty similar to the Grand i10 NIOS.


The stylish grill at the front and LEDs flanked on the inside give it a sporty look as well. Apart from this, the car gets a crease on the bonnet and the profile which adds more character to the look of the car. The rear side also has some good changes with the boot lid which has now got a creative look and the Z shaped wrap around the taillights make the overall design of the car look much trendy.

Coming to the interiors of the car, the Aura has dual-tone grey interiors with a splash of red in between which gives a sporty feel to the person sitting in the car.

The car also gets two USB charging ports, wireless charging for phones as mentioned earlier and the rearview monitor which is just exactly like the reversing camera which can also be switched when the car is moving forward. It also has a variety of safety features like the dual airbags, high strength steel body, rear parking sensors and anti-lock brakes and pretension seat-belts.

The prices are also well balanced as the car starts from Rs 5.8 lakhs and goes upto Rs 9.22 lakhs which again, needless to say, gives a tough competition to cars like Tata Tigor and Maruti Dzire. The compact Sedan is pretty much affordable with a good bunch of features and for a live experience, please visit Capital Hyundai at Noida, Sector 63 and the team would be there to
assist you.

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summer car tips

Summer car tips: How to prepare your Hyundai for the summers

The summer season is almost here and there are chances that the dust, heat and stop & go traffic
would take a toll over your vehicle. These are common things which could breakdown your car
and to prevent these, utmost maintenance is required before you head on the roads during
summers. Here are some important tips which you could do it yourself and the others could be
taken care by the skilled mechanic.


The air conditioning system which operates marginally may fail during the hot weather, so one
must get it checked by the skilled technicians at the service centre. New cars have air cabin
filters that clean the air automatically thus making the air conditioning efficient. Every car has its
owner manual and one must go through it before moving forward.

Cooling System

The main cause of a breakdown is the failure of the cooling system. The car gets overheated
making it difficult and more stressful for the person driving the car. The cooling system must be
completely flushed and re-filled after every 12 months. Just to add to it, the cooling system must
have a proportion of 50:50(50% coolant and 50%water). This would keep the car’s temperature
maintained and one would not have to worry while on roads in summer.


Keep your oil system in place. Those who travel frequently on long trips or whose running per
day is 100Km and above should get their engine oil and oil filter changed in every 5000
kilometers. This would help the keep running in a healthy condition.

Performance of the engine

The other filters (air, fuel etc.) also should be replaced in dusty and heat conditions. This makes
the engine work in a healthy condition and would help the car to switch on without any rough

Windshield Wipers

In case of any worn out blades and stiff wipers, these should be immediately replaced as these
would put the eyes in a lot stress and makes it difficult to drive if the windshield is not clean.


Inspect all light (headlight and taillight). Replace any bulb which is burn out. Clean the outer
mirror of the light also and prevent scratches by never using a dry rag.


Most important are the tyres of the vehicle, since the heat is much more during summers the tyre
tends to expand which may create the tyre to burst. Hence it is recommended that you get your
tyres aligned and balanced every 5,000 kms and fill the tyres with nitrogen to keep the
temperature cool.


A battery could fail at any time of the year. Routine care: Scrape away corrosion from posts and
cable connections; clean all surfaces; re-tighten all connections. If battery caps are removable,
check the fluid level monthly.

Emergency kit

Carry a basic first aid kit which includes bandage, a disinfectant and some cotton.
As stated before, there are some things which only a technician could solve in your car, so it’s
better to visit the service center and let the technician deal with it only.

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petrol or diesel engine

Petrol or diesel – Which car engine should you choose?

While purchasing a new car, this is one of the essential decisions to make- a petrol or a diesel
engine. While the car owner mostly remains in this dilemma, here are some ways where in a
person could decide whether to buy a petrol variant or a diesel variant.

Petrol vs Diesel Vehicle Price

Price is one of the most important deciding factors while buying a car. There are several cars
which come in both petrol and diesel variants but the fact is they should suit your budget. A
diesel engine always costs more than a petrol engine and the cost varies from 1- 1.5 lakhs
depending upon the variant you choose and the brand of the car. This is because the registration
cost of the diesel car is more than that of the petrol car. The difference is around 1% to 3%
depending on the variant and the state where it is purchased.

 Mileage in Petrol vs Diesel

A majority of people also are dependent on the economy of fuel of a car. This means how well
does the car run and how efficient is the car in terms of fuel. A diesel vehicle always has a better
mileage than a petrol vehicle as it does not require a spark plug which in turn has a higher
compression. This makes the diesel car utilize more fuel as compared with a petrol car. The
better mileage in turn also covers the extra lakh paid during the purchase.

 Cost of Diesel vs Cost of Petrol

The cost of diesel and petrol varies from state to state but the difference varies at an average of
Rs 9-10 approximately depending upon the place. For example, in New Delhi the price of petrol
is approximately Rs 75 per litre whereas diesel is around Rs 64-65 per litre which makes the
difference of Rs 10 per litre (Approximate value). But since a few years the rates of both diesel
and petrol have fluctuated a lot and there might be a time when the prices of both come to the
same level, which would in-turn make it more difficult for a car owner while buying a vehicle.

 Smooth Drive

Also the fact that remains apart is that diesel engines have more power than the petrol engine
which means more torque making the drive much smoother. But on the other side, a diesel
engine has more noise, sound and vibrations as compared to a petrol engine. So one must keep
all things in mind while purchasing a particular variant.

 Diesel vs Petrol Maintenance Cost

A diesel engine will always require more maintenance in comparison to a petrol engine. This is
because petrol is much more refined than diesel and the spares and engine oil used in diesel is
higher than petrol. The re-sale value of a diesel engine would always be higher than a petrol
engine but if you compare the life, the petrol engine will always last longer.

These are some useful things which would help a person to purchase a car and not have any

Why you should buy Hyundai Aura from an authorized dealership only

The Korean Car Maker Hyundai has always been consistent and is known for its reliability, comfort and safety in the auto industry.  Whether buying a new or a used Hyundai car, instead of references from family, friends or through online brokers, it is the best to visit an authorized dealer and buy a Hyundai car from them.

The authorized dealers would not cheat you and would give you genuine information which the company circulates worldwide amongst its car dealers. In case of a used car also, it is important that you look for Hyundai used car dealers too as most of them in India have only at the same place as like the Maruti True Value.

Here are some recommendations/points which makes the purchase easier and less confusing:

Proper Skilled Technicians

These technicians take proper care of your car and make sure you do not worry once the car is being handled by them. They make sure that there is no significant motor damage or a gear or brake problem. This means the buyer is as seamless as the new vehicle. But this trust a safety cannot be assured if you would buy the car from a layman.

A qualified technician has to pass the vehicle through 146 checkpoints to verify the car when you purchase from an authorized dealer. The dealer would also provide a one-year pr 20,000km guarantee (whichever before) and two products free which no other dealers from outside would have to offer.

Stress-free process

Once you purchase a car from the Hyundai dealer, the whole process is smooth and stress-free as the specialist assisting you would make you move through a seamless procedure and a hassle-free registration process as well. But doing this all by yourself does not guarantee any of this and in turn, gives an individual a lot of stress.

When it comes to maintaining the car, the dealer would also provide you with two free services which you become eligible once the car is bought and the specialist technicians would make sure that every small wear and tear is taken care. While if the same is done from outside, there is no service which is given free and no broker takes care of all these things because the main motive for these brokers is just to sell the car.

Insurance Assistance

Insurance services are also available for all cars of Hyundai. The specialists are liable for your transaction and compensate for the wear and tear or injury loss of the proper insurance policy for the car. However, this is not offered by any other purchase portal. In simple terms, you are convinced of the value of your new vehicle by purchasing Hyundai vehicles from a licensed dealer. You would not only save some money for yourself, but you would also be very high quality assured.

Hyundai has been also known for its customer service and has been the leader for three consecutive years now, so always buy a Hyundai from an authorized dealer.

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