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Capital Hyundai is simply the best place to have your vehicle serviced

When your vehicle needs a repair or a component replaced, you need Quality Care services. Capital Hyundai is simply the best place to have your vehicle serviced. Our fully equipped workshop and Hyundai trained technicians use only the latest technology to service your Hyundai car.

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  Excess tyre wear
  Coolant & oil leakage
  Tyres related problem
  Petrol smell inside cabin
  Silencer Leakage / Noise
  Seat Noisy (RHS /LHS)
  Seat Noisy (RHS /LHS)
  Seat Noisy (RHS /LHS)
  A/C Cooling Less
  A/C not working
  A/C Blower Noise / Speed
  A/c on/off Switch not working
  Bad Smell from A/C
  Water Leak When A/C is on
  Heater not Working
  Gear Noise
  Gear Shifting Hard
  Vehicle Stops while Gear changing
  Reverse gears shifting hard
  Bad Smell From Clutch
  Clutch slipping
  Clutch Pedal hard
  Clutch Juddering
  Clutch Pedal Noise
  All Door Noisy (F-RHS/LHS, R-RHS/LHS)
  Tail Gate Noise
  Under Body Noise
  Body Noise
  Bonet / Hood Adjust / Align
  Water Leakage from W/Shld Glass (Front /Rear)
  Dash Board Rattling
  Door glass rattling noise
  Suspension noise FR R/L -RR R/L
   Door Hard to Operate
  Brake Noise (Front /Rear)
  Brake Pedal Noise/Jam/Hard
  ABS Light Always ON
  Hand brake not working
  Brake not effective
  Brake Juddering / Vibration
  Squeaking noise while applying brakes
  Engine Noise
  Poor Pickup while A/c ON
  Engine overheating
  Engine not runing smooth (Mis-firing, Knocking, Vibration)
  Fan Belt Noise
  Low / Poor Mileage
  Smoke From Vehicle (White / Black)
  Starting Problem
  Engine Check Warning remains "ON"
  RPM Fluctuating
  Steering Unusual noisy
  Steering Jam/Hard
  Steering Vibration
  Steering Wobbling - Wobbling / Pulling
  Steering Remote Switch
  Sticky ignition key
  Horn Pad Not working
  Head lamps / Fog lamp not working
  Indicators Not working
  Power Window Not Working
  Power Window Not Working
  Tail lamp (LH/RH) not working
  Hazard switch not working
  Wiper noisy / spray not working
  Stereo Not Working
  Battery getting discharge

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