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Why Diwali Is The Best Time To Buy Hyundai Cars

When it comes to buying a vehicle, we’re all very fussy and specific about what we want or what we expect. Right from the car’s inbuilt features to its mileage, to the offers and post-sales services available, we want to be able to bag it all. But not all of us enjoy negotiations or haggling and hence wait out for the festive deals to come in. Here’s why we think Diwali is the best time for you to buy Hyundai cars and drive home your dream vehicle before the New Years kicks in.

Diwali is one of our biggest festivals and as we’re rejoicing in the festive mood, brands all over the world and across all industries, put their best foot forward to join in. And by that, we are referring to the deals, discounts and offers that they start promoting around this time of the year. There are just so many friendly priced products, that the market is literally packed at all times.

With the advent of Diwali, the automobile segment particularly starts flourishing. It’s not just the Hyundai dealership the benefits during this season, but also the consumers. They tend to get an upper hand while purchasing their dream car, as the dealerships come up with competitive deals and car prizes to lure them. And of course, the best man wins – that is why they are also open to further negotiations at most times.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons why our Hyundai experts believe that Diwali is the best time to buy Hyundai cars.

1. Wide selection of vehicle models

Most car manufacturers release new models during Diwali – just how even Hyundai launched the new Santro this year. They consider it to be an auspicious time and also know that consumers are more likely to make such purchases during the festivities. Basically, you get access to a wide collection of car models and the manufacturers get a wide exposure.

A win-win situation for both definitely!

2. Bigger and better discounts 

Let’s just say that Diwali is when everyone’s in a happy mood. That’s why the manufacturers and the dealerships tend to offer bigger and better discounts on all their car models. To get more sales during the festive season, the heavy discounts are also accompanied by post-sales services like a free car wash, first free servicing, etc.

Basically, anything that will nudge consumers to buy Hyundai cars.

3. Festive cheer 

Like we mentioned before, Diwali is considered a very auspicious time. A lot of people invest in vehicles, houses and other high-value purchases during this time, taking it as another blessing from the Gods themselves. So if you or anyone in your family is spiritual and believe in good luck stepping into your house during Diwali, buy Hyundai cars in the festive season.

And won’t it make it all the more easier for you to visit friends and family to wish them Diwali, in your own car?

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diwali hyundai car deals

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