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Welcome the New Captain Planet aka Hyundai with its Car Dry Wash Campaign

Global warming may be an issue of distress at the parliament, but no matter what anyone says, let’s face it, it is real, not only as a concept but as a hazard that is capable of wrecking life on the planet. The speed of development is far outstripping our desire to retain nature, and the steps for the latter are far too few. However, even though few and slow, the steps are steady and should be applauded wherever they are being taken, especially if they are being taken by companies that are contributing towards development too. And one such company is Hyundai, which is treading on the path of becoming the new-age Captain Planet with its Car Dry Wash Campaign.

Launched on World Environment Day in 2018, the service is a great step towards creating environmental awareness, a must in today’s world.

This initiative by Hyundai is basically a save water campaign, aims to save nearly 120 liters of water per car. Woah, now that’s a big figure. Water is one of those resources that we take heavily for granted, and washing our cars takes a considerable amount, that is for sure. With this campaign of car dry wash, Hyundai has surely taken a responsible step towards being a corporate that is conscious about its environment.

Not only this, the water saved will be donated to the areas in India that are affected by drought. Now that’s truly a double whammy!

When the initiative was launched last year, this is what Rakesh Srivastava, Director, Sales & Marketing had to say about it. “Being a socially responsible & environmentally conscious manufacturer, Hyundai believes in the philosophy of preserving the environment and its resources for a better future. As a part of our CSR activations, we regularly engage in environment-friendly initiatives to create strong awareness among the communities. On World Environment Day, we pledge our sensitivity towards the environment and this campaign is one such.”

Car Dry Wash Campaign is indeed an admirable step towards a better environment, enriching it for our future generations. You have bought the car and fulfilled one dream of yours. Sparkle those of the underprivileged and make the future brighter with maintenance which will not compromise on the quality of service to you and your car, but at the same time will take measures to not waste a resource which is so valuable for our existence.

Take a step forward, towards a better planet, with Hyundai. Captain Planet would surely take a bow, along with the Planeteers. This time, we are all superheroes, led by Hyundai.

Capital Hyundai Team

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