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Things to Consider before buying a Sedan

Buying a new car can be a tedious yet exciting phase for any typical Indian family whether it’s a first car or a swanky third car. Many factors are being considered before deciding on a final car to be purchased. From researching variants of a particular car brand to finding out which one precisely fits the budget. Also, consider the comfort and requirement aspect for both personal and the family is an essential step. Zero-in-on to the car of your choice also means that it should get along with your personality.

Considering all the above points, we bring to you sedans that are a level above of classy, edgy and modern technology – the Hyundai sedans. But here are the five key aspects that will convince you to buy a Hyundai sedan this year.

Security on the go

To be safe and secure should be on the priority list when considering buying a car and the Hyundai sedans hold true to safety. What else do you need when you have 7 airbags in a car that fits in your budget? Also, its powerful LED headlights are of great assistance, especially for the night/ dark driving. Powerful headlamps of the Hyundai sedans promote road visibility for the road ahead in the dark. Both front and rear parking sensors guide the driver smoothly when parking in tight corners.

The Hyundai sedans provide the driver with better control with its 4 discs braking system guaranteeing utmost safety anytime. The Hill Start Assist Control feature service is an automatic braking feature that gets initiated for 3 seconds on the slope. It prevents the car from sliding backward effortlessly.

Comfort and Appeal

Built and designed for Indian roads, the Hyundai sedans create a smooth, safe and pleasing experience. The design is unique and strategic, and yet has a classy appeal that complements the unmatched performance for any drive.

The Hyundai sedans come with a well-designed driver seat that got our attention. The seat is adjustable as per the comfort of the rider in terms of both height and distance from the steering wheel. Also, the cruise mode allows uninterrupted driving experience especially for those long drives in or outside the city.

The roof mounted air vents make sure that flow of the air is circulated uniformly till the backseats. With acoustic and vibration control windows, UV rays are adjusted without disturbing the cool atmosphere in the car. Known to improve visibility, the Hyundai sedan’s are perfect for long drives even in the roughest of weather.

Entertainment on the go

The LED infotainment setup is equipped with a detailed navigation system and has a unique hand gesture control. Meaning it makes your entertainment readily available while you enjoy those long journeys with your friends and family.

With years of happy customers, Hyundai brand promotes low maintenance and after sales care widely. So what are you waiting for?

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