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The Importance of Hyundai Customer Care Service Before And After Making a Car Purchase

A New Year brings forth the desire to set new goals in all aspects of life, and to work towards them. One of the most common goals across all age groups, is actually buying a new car for themselves.

But there’s a huge difference between planning to buy a car and actually taking the plunge to purchase it. A lot of factors need to be considered before investing money in a vehicle, the primary one being the customer care services offered. It plays a key role prior as well as post to the purchase.

The following points prove the importance of an excellent Hyundai customer care service, before you decide to purchase your next car.

1. On exploring the digital world

Before actually visiting the showroom, you should surf the website of the car brand in order to collect basic information. If there is no clear idea what to select and how to begin the search, this could be an excellent platform to gather data.  If the website is interactive and has an approachable customer support system, a sense of trust and credibility is instilled, and that’s very important for you – the customer.

2. On entering into dealership

This is the place where you can actually check the product, and also speak to the sales reps. The staff and the employees should be well-trained and managed. The treatment you receive at the showroom can help you decide not just the brand of the car but also if you want to buy from that dealer.

Discussions with the sales rep, the explanation received and quality of test drive among other factors a vital role. Even if you disliked a car model, you would still remember the treatment you received at the store – and that may allow you to go back there in the future to actually buy!

3. Test drives

Buying a car is an investment and requires our time to make a decision. Therefore, test drives are important. This step will help you in making a choice quickly. It also majorly depends on how convincing the sales rep is at the stage. If he is humble and warm with you, there’s a higher chance of you  enjoying the test drive more and purchasing from that showroom.

Hyundai customer care service test drive

4. Negotiations

Once you select a car, the financial matters come to the foreground. You should expect that the net amount to be paid, EMI options, and hidden costs (if any) be disclosed to you in a proper manner. Some companies follow the rule of “non-negotiability” but it is up to the sales rep to explain you and make the point clear and understandable.

5. Post-sales service

Once you receive the key, the responsibility of the showroom is not over! They should offer car maintenance services from time to time and also inform about after-sales services in a systematic manner.

Sending regular emails and SMS on festivals or in relation to car servicing is something that proves the company pays attention to us.


It is absolutely necessary for you, as customers to choose the best dealer. A reference for all who are looking for a good dealer is Capital Hyundai. It is one of the leading Hyundai dealers with the highest sales in Noida. They provide great after-sales service, also has dedicated sales representatives and counsels its customers in choosing the right car.

If you are looking to buy a car or need help with servicing your Hyundai vehicle, contact Capital Hyundai today.

Capital Hyundai Team

Capital Hyundai is a leading Hyundai dealer showroom in Noida, with a sales setup and service network that is spread across the city. Having won multiple accolades for customer care, the Capital Hyundai team ensures you drive out with the right vehicle. You can reach us on +91 – 9958994280

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