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How To Take Care Of Your Petrol Car Engine

Once we buy a car, the majority of us just sit in it casually switch on the engine and drive to the destination we have decided to go. But we never think of our car’s engine. We only get to know about it once you hear some unusual noise coming from the car or when the car is not performing as it does usually.

An engine does need to be looked after and requires timely maintenance. The more you avoid it, you would actually end up spending a hefty amount on your car. So it is suggested that the car’s engine should be looked after with care.

Here are some tips which would help each one of us to keep our car engines in a healthy and steady condition.

1. Changing the engine oil at regular intervals

Changing the engine oil regularly will protect the car’s performance as the oil keeps all the engine parts lubricated and cool avoiding the engine to overheat. If you think this is too much to do, make sure you don’t skip this at least. It is also recommended to get it changed from a proper car service shop and not through any local vendor.

With changing the engine oil, the oil filter also needs to be changed simultaneously without any questions being asked. If someone is ain’t aware about when to change then refer to the manual given to us at the time of delivery or otherwise refer to the internet.

2. Maintaining the cooling system

Another useful part is the cooling system which needs to be maintained as it keeps the engine oil cool at all times so you cannot ignore this too. The cooling system includes the radiator, the thermostat, the coolant and the water pump. The coolant circulates through your engine when the thermostat determines that the engine is getting hot and needs to be cooled down. The water pump then pulls coolant from the radiator, sends it into the engine block and then back out to the radiator to be cooled back down.

In case you need to check the coolant level, there is a small coolant tank which is generally on the left side of the engine. The coolant tank has a printed mark of the maximum and minimum level.

In such cases, if the coolant level is low, you should get the tank re-filled and not put water in the tank which most people do.

3. Check for Leakage

You don’t need to be a mechanic to check for leaks. There are times when you are sitting inside the car and you would be able to smell the oil. With the oil also check if you have enough antifreeze fluids.

The pressure and intense heat will gradually cause engine hose failure. The engine hose is a rubber hose which turns old and cracks leading to leakage of the antifreeze fluid which the engine requires.

Eventually, this will create more problems as it would leak the fluids to the wrong parts of the engine. So it is better that the leakage is immediately repaired.

Think your petrol car engine is not at its best lately? 

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