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SUV vs Sedan: Which Hyundai Car Should You Drive Home

Over the decades we’ve progressed at a lightning fast rate. From chulhas to gas stoves, from candlesticks to electricity to portable torches, from cycles to four wheelers to an array of choices in four wheelers, we’ve come a long way.

What started off as a means of transport now comes in shapes, sizes, colours, entertainment systems and so on! There’s now a car for everyone! With increasing choices comes a heavier dilemma. Between an SUV and a Sedan, what serves as a complete package? Let’s take a look at how many boxes they each check and decide for ourselves!


SUVs are essentially box shaped which makes more room for people as well as luggage. They also come with more leg space. Imagine awkwardly poking around for space as opposed to stretching them as far as they’d go at the end of a long day!


SUVs are best suited for every member of the family. No more crouching because the occasional bump in the road gives you a little bruise on the head. They come with a height that sedans lack, thus making it a better option for the genetically blessed.


While sedans are great fun to drive on long stretches of empty roads, SUVs can weather the off roads and the potholes far better and without causing discomfort to the passengers compared to the former thanks to their huge wheel sizes and suspension travel. They’re fit for every drive- from school drop-offs to the camping weekend by the hills.

Wear and tear

SUVs have higher ground clearance which allows them to easily swerve over speed breakers without feeling your heart in your mouth. With sedans, the risk of scraping the underbody is very high and can ultimately result in higher costs of repair or faster wear and tear.

Cargo space

The available storage area is strikingly more than the space in the trunk of a sedan. It is also much easier to fit cargo carriers, roof racks or even bike racks to an SUV- an option not many sedans provide.

Fuel efficiency

Although they didn’t exactly start off as the first choice in terms of fuel efficiency, as of today SUVs offer reasonable fuel economy. In layman’s terms, you get to save more per trip on an SUV as long as the unit is maintained well over the years.


SUVs allow for a much smoother and more relaxed pet transport. The design of the vehicle is such that the large cargo area lets our four legged babies to sit or even lie down comfortably throughout the ride. In case you have more than just one pet or one that’s bigger than the average pets, the SUV lets you fold down the second or third row seating to provide more area.


SUVs are heavy and sturdy in build and thus have a lesser chance of succumbing to erratic climatic conditions such as floods. Most SUVs are capable of going through shallow water without damaging the car’s engine as opposed to a sedan that stands no chance in such conditions.

Spoilt for choice

SUVs come in various sizes which makes them a perfect model for just about any car buyer. For those living in the city with a nuclear family, a crossover SUV serves the purpose. Mid-sized SUVs are typically capable of carrying as many as six people. They also tend to have significant room in the back. If you have a large family, the bigge SUV has a passenger capacity of up to nine people.

Value for money

With ample space, comfort and reliability, the SUV is worth every penny. Not only is it fit for every occasion, but also for every group of travellers- be it campers by the lake or the family on a road trip or the pet lover. They come in various sizes, colours and customisations.

While the sedan is a sleek car that makes you look pretty fine, the SUV makes sure you’re safe, comfortable and prepared for every journey you wish to embark on! After all, most times the journey is better than the destination.

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