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SUV vs Sedan – Which Hyundai Vehicle Should You Buy

In these ultra-competitive times, your car isn’t just a means of transport. It defines your social status and shows how prosperous you are. While the discrimination is not wholly justified, this is the reality. However, you don’t need to purchase a car which is beyond your budget or convenience.

Both SUV and sedan are power vehicles, and both are unique in their ways. Of course, when it comes to size, an SUV takes the car. But a sedan also makes for an elegant purchase. On top of it, the decreasing price gap between the two models has confused the buyers.

Are you planning to buy a new car but are unable to choose between an SUV or a sedan? We think we can help you make an informed decision. Read on:


1) Rugged, studier build

Driving this car is a different experience altogether. An SUV instantly upgrades your social status and makes you feel extremely confident about yourself. The vehicle is typically boxy but distinctively stylish. No car has a better-appointed boot design than an SUV! What do you think?

2) Impressive street presence

The tall stance of an SUV helps the car stand out on the road. We think it is immediately taken seriously because of its aggressive design elements. The wide-gaping grille of an SUV makes all the difference! Next time you are on the road, notice how quickly an SUV will impress you.

3) More ground clearance

SUVs are easily able to handle potholes, inconsistent roads, and speed breakers tad easily than any other cars driven in the streets of our country. The giant wheels of the vehicle ensure a better ground clearance and a smooth driving experience.

B. Sedan

1) Lighter the car, better the performance

It is true. Sedans don’t weight as much as a regular SUV, and they don’t need huge engines to ensure the same level of performance on the road. A sedan typically weighs 1,000 kilograms, while an SUV would be around 1.3 tonnes. More compact sedans with bigger engines ensure a better on-road performance, and that’s a fact. Speak to a car expert if you are in doubt.

2) Better on-the-road dynamics

Unlike SUVs, sedans have far more efficient on-the-road capabilities. The occupants of the car will experience less body-roll, and since they will sit lower, they are less likely to throw up on a hilly or a bumpy drive. Sadly, the same can’t be said about the SUVs. When the ride on the road gets tough, it does take a toll on its occupants.

3) Wider range of models and variants to pick

You will be surprised to know the number of sedan models available in the market. Xcent, Verna, and Elantra are popular sedans from Hyundai. You can test drive all of them at our showroom. The multiple variants are merely going to blow your mind.

SUVs are limited concerning the models available in the market. Plus, they don’t always make for a very feasible choice, budget-wise.

Over to you

If you compare both cars from the viewpoint of size, fuel efficiency, maintenance and more, a sedan comes out as the clear winner. It’s a perfect choice to drive in urban and semi-urban cities. We are sure that by now you must have made up your mind about what you want to buy.

Thankfully, at Capital Hyundai, you can choose from a wide range of SUVs and sedans. Come, visit our showroom and our expert sales reps will help you with all your queries related to car purchase. What are you waiting for?

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