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Summer Car Care Tip 101: Get Your Car Summer Ready

It’s that time of the year again; when winds will be sharp and the heat will poke you in the forbidden corners of your body, making you crave for icy drinks and splashes of heavenly streams. And you know what? Your car is no different. It too needs that summer car care in order to function in a cool and breezy manner, when all that the grizzly heat wants is to pull it down and out of function.

After all, we have heard one too many times about the hazards of overheating in cars, and even the subsequent and inadvertent tragedies that have happened because of it.

So, it all comes down to how we can cleanse our cars inside out and take care of it during the season when temperatures are running high, quite literally. Fret not, for we are here with an easy and foolproof guide to help you navigate through the season when your automobile needs some extra care and pampering.

Wipe that vision

We don’t really pay much attention to the windshield wipers. However, after a long dry spell, it is possible that they would not be in the best of condition to withstand a sudden summer shower. Get it checked and fixed, on a regular basis, rather than getting into the fiddling process of replacement.

Keep it cool

Keep a check on the coolant fluid of your car as this is the time it would need it the most. Keep an eye out for the leaks, if any, and keep squeezing the hoses regularly so you know that they are firm.


Your air conditioning has not been used for a long time, given the season. Now is the time to get it fixed and cleaned, rather than experiencing a full blast of stale and dirty cooling. Just like you’d do with the air conditioner at your home, get the one in your car serviced too.

Get Shade-y

The sun’s out and while it is good to get your dose of Vitamin D, remember to fix your sunshade as well. For face the fact, excess of anything is not good and you don’t want to look like a burnt potato right at the start of the season.

Hydrate to gyrate

Your body needs requisite amount of water and fluids for optimum functionality. The same goes true for your car as well. Check windshield washer, oil, brake, and other fluids that keep your car up and running, regularly, so that it doesn’t throw up hiccups when you least expect those.

Fix that filter

Take the help of a technician and get those air filters fixed or if required, replaced. You spend a considerable time in your car, so make sure the air you breathe in is not infiltrated by molecules you don’t want to inhale.

Screw back the titbits

Apart from the aforesaid, give your car a thorough checkup as the change in season approaches. The fan, the serpentine belt that runs between the alternator, and other stuff, get it all checked and fixed before you go up and about the town in summers.

Your car is just as much an essential part of your daily life as anything else. Treat it so. Give it the best care and fixtures, as the season changes.

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