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The Simple Signs That It Is Time To Buy A New Hyundai Car

There is always one vehicle in the family that remains close to everyone’s hearts. Every time someone even mentions wanting to replace the vehicle, there is always a majority of the members who play on the backfoot to say how the vehicle has served the family so loyally and doesn’t really need to be changed since it is still on the roads. Well, sentiments aside, this is not how you decide whether it is time to buy a new Hyundai car or not.

Signs it is time to buy a new Hyundai car 

1. The repairs are costing more 

Is your car at the service center more than it is on the roads with you? Is your vehicle breaking down all too often? Is the service center slowly nudging you to now change parts instead of getting the existing ones changed? Well, then clearly the costs of keeping your car operational have increased drastically. Added to the cost of the fuel, you’re literally going to end up spending more on just keeping the car functional in a year.

2. The car does not pass emission tests 

You already know how serious the government is getting in terms of keeping the environment clean and green. All the vehicles being driven today have to compulsorily pass an emission test. While the vehicle you buy comes with a drive clean technology to keep its carbon footprint bare minimum, there are chances that with years of being driven, the technology no longer functions as effectively. This is why it is also important to keep getting your emission certificates updated regularly. If your vehicle hasn’t been passing these tests, don’t tell yourself how it is okay, because the government could fine you for not obeying the rules in this scenario.

3. The cost of insurance is rising 

When you purchase a new Hyundai car, it comes with insurance policy offers that will serve you for a considerable number of years. And in some scenarios, for major car repairs. But when it comes to an old vehicle, the insurance policies are very different and they cover very different aspects of repairs. Your old vehicle may not come with safety features that qualify it for lower insurance premiums. To know exactly how much you’d have to pay for insuring your old vehicle, it is a good idea to speak to automobile insurance experts first.

4. The frequency of breakdowns 

Similar to the first point we mentioned, it is important that you start taking note of the number of times your vehicle breaks down under different scenarios. Be it the engine not working well, the emission pipe faltering, the tyres getting misaligned too often or other issues. If the number of breakdowns is increasing by the day, it is a clear sign for the car to retire. It is also a concern for your safety that this sign should not be missed.

5. The car is no longer as safe

No matter how well maintained your car is, with time, it does become a little unsafe to operate. Regular breakdowns require regular repairs and regular repairs, might lead to some of the safety technologies getting hampered in the process. Simply put, no matter how unbelievable it sounds, your car does get unsafe to operate with time. You might argue that car manufacturers are taking care of this aspect. But in a scenario where your vehicle has been using its safety features to the maximum, there could be a chance they need replacing – getting you back to the point of spending more on repairs.

Yes, while carrying on with your older vehicle might seem financially advantageous, there could be expenditures that you’re probably not paying attention to. The best way to convince yourself is to start taking note of the number of times your vehicle needs repairs, has breakdowns or requires servicing and if the car manufacturer is recommending replacements of different parts.

Not sure if it is time to buy a new Hyundai car? 

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