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When It Is Right For You To Book Your Car For Its First Hyundai Service

So you have finally bought your new Hyundai car. Happy, aren’t you? We are sure it is sleek, drives smoothly and is already a favorite of you and your family. It is Hyundai after all! It is bound to give an excellent experience to its patrons.

But often, new car buyers forget that they should book their car’s servicing at an appropriate time – no matter which brand or model they have. The rule of “it ain’t broke, it ain’t need no fixing” doesn’t apply here. A car is a long-term investment; you don’t want to mess that up.

Adding to this thought, here’s when you should book your Hyundai car for its first service.

1) When it has been more than 12 months since you purchased the car

A year is considered the maximum that a car should go unchecked by an expert mechanic. In fact, it is the right time frame to identify any growing car damage and take necessary precautions to avoid them altogether. This activity puts a cap on the money you would have to spend when the cost is more significant, and the whole situation is more troubling.

2) When it has traveled between 10,000-15,000 miles

This situation depends on how much you drive. If you only take out your car over the weekend and take the public transport to commute over the weekdays, then it is highly impossible for your Hyundai car to touch 10,000 miles within one year.

However, if you love taking long drives and you have done so within one year of purchasing the car, then you should get your vehicle serviced as soon as the vehicle reaches this particular limit. Please note: it doesn’t matter if your car is yet to complete its first anniversary.

3) When it seems to be pulling to the left or right

There is nothing more concerning than the feeling like you are not in charge of your car. If your car seems to be pulling to either of the directions while driving, the tires might not be evenly inflated, the braking system could be at fault, or your tracking may need some adjusting – all very minor but essential tasks. Get your car serviced at the earliest!

4) When it is making screeching noises

If you feel your car makes a squealing sound every time you pump the breaks, it is time to get your vehicle checked. Such noises are the result of two or more car parts rubbing against each other when they shouldn’t be. This could happen to any car. Don’t waste time. Rush to your dealership and get your Hyundai car serviced.

5) When it was involved in a mishap

God forbid – if your car is involved in a mishap but it doesn’t experience a lot of damage, it is still best for you to get your vehicle serviced at the earliest. Since it has not been more than a year since you purchased the car, it will be in the warranty period. Any significant repairs can quickly be taken care of by the dealership itself.

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