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Points To Consider While Choosing Your Hyundai Car Seat Covers

The journey to getting a new car, doesn’t end at buying the car. There are a lot of decisions that need to taken after. For instance, one of the biggest decision a car owner needs to take is choosing the right Hyundai car seat covers. The other accessories such as the steering cover, music system, lamination and more come in right after!

Choosing the Hyundai car seat covers is one of the most important thing as the whole interior look of the car depends on them. And with so many options in the market, it is actually a tough call to make! So we decided to list down a few tips that will help you make the decision.

1. Type of seat covers available in the market:

There are basically two types of seat covers available: Universal and custom-made. Both the options are commonly seen in most of the cars today, depending on the budget of the car owner. If you’re looking for something very specific and know that your choice would not change for the next few years, you can opt for getting a custom cover made.

2. Difference between universal and custom-made car seat covers:

The basic points of difference are: their purpose, the way they are processed, material used and the price.

The universal Hyundai car seat covers are made in a way that they can fit several car models. The major advantage of these is their price. They are very affordable and are a good choice for those would like to switch the covers after some time.

Car owners with older models prefer using universal seat covers, as it is cost effective. While they serve the purpose of upholstering your car, they don’t really add a unique look to it.

ustom-made seat covers are quite expensive. They are designed specifically for one car. It provides a perfect fit on the seats, giving the vehicle a classy look. Superior quality seat covers protect the car upholstery and also adds to the overall interior look.

The custom-made covers are usually chosen by those who have purchased a new car or are planning to use the one they have for a longer period of time. These are for people who don’t mind spending a little extra on choosing a materials that doesn’t get worn out too quickly.

3. Safety aspect:

One of the most famous safety test is the “Crash Test”. The impact of seat covers during the crash test is checked. The seat covers are fitted on seats that contain side-airbags inside. The side-airbags are a standard component in vehicles these days. The seat covers should be chosen considering the fact they do not cause any hindrance in the functioning of the side-airbags.

4. Determining if the car seat cover is actually safe:

The car seat covers that are labeled with the word “airbag” on side-airbag seats can be used. This label does not always guarantee the safety, but is the best option amongst others. Before buying any seat cover, just check that the covers are tested, and the online reviews on the same are positive.

5. Materials used in manufacturing the car seat covers:

A large variety of materials is used in making the car seat covers. They may vary in colour, pattern, design, strength and other areas. There are covers that are made of fabric, plush, full-leather and semi-leather. The most advanced ones are made from Alcantara microfibers.

Furniture materials are also used sometimes but they are not safe due to the following reasons:

  • Large temperature fluctuations
  • High degree of material load

Lamination also plays a vital role. It is a process where automotive foam rubber is bonded to the inside of the material. It is important due to the following reasons:

  • Protecting the seat cover material from creasing
  • Preventing seat covers from shifting
  • Increased passenger comfort

6. Check the quality of material:

Quality testing of materials include long and short-term parts. Short-term testing puts seat covers in laboratory conditions where the quality and precision are examined. Long-term tests are conducted under normal traffic conditions to obtain knowledge about how the covers behave when the vehicle is in practical use.

While these 6 points should definitely help you choose the right Hyundai car seat covers, we’re here to help you make the decision. Visit us at Capital Hyundai and our experts will be happy to assist you in purchasing the Hyundai car seat covers you have been thinking about!

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