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Why you might want to choose a hatchback over a sedan

A car for every individual has a different meaning, for some it might be just a car, for the others it might be a status symbol and then there are people who might consider it as a matter of pride and authority.

Let’s understand what exactly a hatchback is:

Hatchbacks are generally considered to be mid-sized cars which have large boot space and are complete family cars too. A hatchback is not generally meant to be a small vehicle because there are hatchbacks like the new Grand i10 NIOS or the i20 elite or maybe the i20 active. These are cars which are mid-sized, neither too small nor to large, just the appropriate size to define a perfect hatchback.

As mentioned above, the i20 may be considered differently with different people. Some people might also consider it as luxury because it does give you a feel of luxury and social authority.  Taking another example of the latest Grand i10 NIOS, this car has also been launched as a premium hatchback having some features which even the earlier Grand i10 did not have and there is not much difference in the prices too.

When the new Santro was launched, it was considered as a complete family car because it had all those features and the feel that a family car owns. Now talking about the other advantages of a hatchback and why people choose a hatchback over Sedan is simple:

  • More Space
  • Higher Re-Sale Value
  • Shorter Bonnet makes the hatchbacks easier to handle for learners
  • Better fuel efficiency

These are some the reasons for giving more preference to a Hatchback, but let’s also deep dive into the other reasons too.


There is no denying that a hatchback is more practical than their counterparts which are the sedans. The compact design of the hatchbacks makes them an easy ride to handle in the city’s hustle and bustle and also on roads which are narrow. Also, a hatchback is much easier to handle once you are parking the vehicle as it takes less space when considered to a sedan.

Good for learners

With a hatchback, it is easier for a learner to handle the car as the endpoint of the bonnet is clearly visible. This decreases the chances of the car getting crashed from the front. Also when reversing the car, it gives them a fair idea while parking. Most of the times you also see a L mark on the windshield of a hatchback than a Sedan. This indicates the learner’s obsession or the compulsion to drive a hatchback.

Perfect Car for families

Whether it’s dropping kids to school in the morning or taking your mother to a temple or rushing to an office or taking groceries roadside, the hatchback is an ideal vehicle for all these tasks as it zips through the crowded streets.

Now that the Grand i10 NIOS is also here, why not consider it as the best buy in the market since it’s designed to be a family car and also giving you a feel of luxury with the best in class features. For more details, come and visit us a Capital Hyundai, Noida.

Capital Hyundai Team

Capital Hyundai is a leading Hyundai dealer showroom in Noida, with a sales setup and service network that is spread across the city. Having won multiple accolades for customer care, the Capital Hyundai team ensures you drive out with the right vehicle. You can reach us on +91 – 9958994280

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