Keep Your Car Cabin Cool This Summer

The temperatures are rising. It is becoming practically impossible to even step out for five minutes without wishing that you hadn’t in the first place. Well, your Hyundai car is no different. Often having to park in open spaces, the cars are getting as heated up and when you step into them for a ride, the first few minutes feel nothing short of a sauna by itself. That’s why we sat down with our Hyundai experts at Capital Hyundai to figure out ways you can still keep your car cabin cool this summer.

1. Clean or change the AC filter 

The only way for you and your Hyundai to beat the heat this summer is to keep your air conditioning system working the way it should. Since it is also the most overused during summers, it requires periodic maintenance. Now you might not feel your Hyundai’s AC needs service or repair, but the one way to be sure is to get your air filter unit checked. If the filter is too dirty, it will only end up circulating bad air into the cabin, not just making it difficult to breathe but also lowering your car’s fuel performance, adding up to actually heating of the cabin.

2. Start the AC at a lower temperature 

We know how hot it is and we often tend to sit in the car and switch on the AC immediately at the highest mode. While doing so makes us feel good, it actually damages your air conditioning unit. Make it a practice to bear the heat for at least a few minutes and start your AC on low speed. It will not just help you extend the life of your air conditioning unity, but also allow your body to slowly adapt to the change in temperatures. It is also advisable that once you sit inside, you open the windows to let the hot air out.

3. Leverage the re-circulation mode 

When your cabin is cool enough, make sure you turn on the re-circulation mode of the AC. What this ensures is that your air conditioning system doesn’t continue to suck more air from outside to cool down for the cabin. It will just continue to re-use the already cool air inside, which requires less effort and reduces the stress on the air conditioning unit, making it last longer.

4. Turn off the AC before the engine 

Whenever we reach our destination, we tend to quickly switch off the car and de-board. But a good practice is to first turn off the AC and then your engine. Keep the fan running for a while though to ensure no moisture builds up inside the cabin. Plus it will help you bear the few minutes of heat with the cool air already inside the cabin.

5. Keep a check on the fluids 

Make it a practice to keep a check on your Hyundai car’s coolant levels and the refrigerant. They are both important to keep your air conditioning unit running at full efficiency during the summers, without overloading it. Our technicians also suggest carrying at least two bottles of water in the cabin incase the need to top up the vehicle arises. Also keep some coolant handy. It’s almost similar to keeping something hydrating for yourself as the temperatures rise.

Think your Hyundai is over heating this summer? Bring it in to our experts at Capital Hyundai for a quick check up and service. 

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