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Why Hyundai Verna Is The Sedan You Have Been Waiting For

Sedans are ordinarily what people think of when using the universal term ‘car’. These vehicles have been around since the inception of comfort automobiles, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. They’re ideal for drivers who don’t need a ton of seating or space for extra cargo.

Below are the three main reasons why most people choose a sedan as their next vehicle:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Lower Seating Position
  • Proven Quality

Hyundai is among the top selling brands of India and like other Hyundai models, Verna is an award winning model. Over the years, the Korean manufacturers have brought in plenty changes in Verna and today, it is one of the premium sedans that one can drive. Here’s every reason why it is the sedan you have been waiting for!


The sloping long bonnet with firm character lines enhances the aerodynamics & sporty appeal of the car. The rear bumper has a lower black insert which gives a two tone effect and improves the dynamic appeal. A stylish new rear chrome garnish leaves quite an impression and the shark fin antenna along with the coupe roof line enhances the sporty appeal from the side.


The front ventilated seats of the Next Gen VERNA, are a feature never experienced before in the segment. One touch operation adds comfort in opening & closing of the sunroof with a pinch guard restraining it to fully close on detecting an obstruction.

Leather wrapped front center console armrest features the sliding function for the convenience of the driver. Further, this car comes with the rear adjustable headrest that ensures comfort for all the passengers in the rear seats.


There are two options for transmission, Manual and Auto. 6-speed Automatic transmission gives you the driving assurance with intricate attention given to the refined gear for persistent operation and a smoother ride. Manual transmission allows more smooth gear transitions and quietness.


The front disc brakes guarantee optimum braking efficiency and longer brake life. Headlamp Cornering Function automatically turns cornering lamp on while taking a turn thus enlightening the corner for enhanced perceptibility and safety.

In case of conflict, the door unlocks automatically for safe and fast exit of the passengers. Rear camera parking guidelines are steering angle touchy and curve as per the steering position to precisely guide the vehicle during complex congested parking space.

The safety escort headlamp is another feature that takes convenience to a whole new level. These headlamps stay on after switching off the ignition to guide the passenger’s way. For extra safety, sensors automatically lower the windows by 150mm upon detecting any obstructions.


Voice controlled commands for calling, message reading, music, etc. to ensure minimal distraction. Cruise control assists you to maintain the set speed without any throttle input. Cluster ionizer generates charged ions and discharges them into the cabin which help in cleaning pollutants and other particles, ensuring clean and fresh air.

USB charges now available to rear passengers. Rear AC vent has been designed specially to enhance rear passenger comfort with instant cooling to give your family a nice environment to relax in while on the move.

Luggage hook and net helps to conveniently hold your luggage in place and prevents from any damage while driving.

The rear defogger helps clear the mist formation during winters & rainy season for safe rides. With the Smart key in your pocket, handbag or briefcase, all it takes to start the engine is a press of the engine start/stop button.

If this doesn’t convince you that it is the premium luxury sedan you’ve been waiting for, a test drive sure will.

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