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Why Hyundai Car Service Is The Most Trusted?

When someone buys a vehicle, they are often sceptical about sending it for a service to the company, despite the obvious benefits of it. The reason being that there are some companies out there that do not focus on the after-sales experience of the customer. Once a purchase is made, they mostly have nothing to do with the customer’s driving experience – unless the customer comes complaining about it.

That’s where Hyundai is different. In fact, the company has been awarded multiple times for Hyundai car service and support, to ensure a great driving experience to all their customers.

How does Hyundai ensure a great customer experience? 

1. Expert Hyundai technicians 

The technicians that are put on the job of servicing your vehicle, are all trained by the Hyundai team itself. All of them come with a prior knowledge of all the parts that the vehicles contain, the specifications and what they need to be able to function at their best. Unlike handing the vehicle over to technicians outside, the risks of wrong detection or unsatisfactory service, are lesser in this scenario. After all, your Hyundai car is the best-taken care of by its owners.

2. Service anywhere and anytime 

Contrary to how you need to chase technicians outside, the Hyundai experts are always there for your vehicle. No matter what day it is or what time, an authorised Hyundai service centre will schedule a pickup for your vehicle for servicing when the need arises. In fact, we at Capital Hyundai sometimes see most of our customer vehicles coming in on Saturday or Sunday for a service. Honestly, our technicians enjoy taking care of the vehicles.

3. Cost transparency 

One of the biggest reasons that customers don’t trust service centres, is the fear of being overcharged or wrongly charged. Well, they are not wrong because most service centres out there would additionally add a service or two to up their billing, even if the vehicle doesn’t need the same. But at Capital Hyundai, our expert technicians first diagnose what your vehicle needs, service it for the same and charge you with a clear breakdown of the services. In case they recommend servicing any additional part of your vehicle, they get in touch with you first to explain the same and the charges that will be levied, before doing the same.

4. Service updates 

Hyundai is known for ensuring that its vehicles remain in their top-most working condition for years. That is why right from the time you purchase a Hyundai vehicle, our expert technicians track the time period to send you timely notifications of when a service is due. With regular love and care of the vehicles, our technicians have seen many customers remain happy with their vehicles for years.

5. Easy service booking 

We make sure you don’t have to call on a hundred numbers or drop endless messages on social media to book your vehicle for a service. Hyundai enables you to book your vehicle for a service with authorised service centres, online and on call. All you need to do is let us know when and where you are located, and our service technicians will ensure a timely pickup of your vehicle.

6. Timely service delivery 

Another important aspect of sending your vehicle for service is ensuring it gets delivered back in time. The experts know how important it is for you to have your vehicle back, up and running at its best. We at Capital Hyundai get the best team of technicians together and use the latest technology to ensure your vehicle is serviced well.

7. Insurance  

We know how much you care about your Hyundai car, and want you to be able to take care of it in the best way possible. That’s why along with servicing, we also offer insurance for your vehicle. The experts at Hyundai will walk you through the best insurance policies for your vehicle upon understanding your needs. After all, you want to be prepared for times when your vehicle might need a higher level of love and care.

Still thinking if you should send in your vehicle for a service?

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