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Hyundai Car Service Noida: How Often Should Your Car Be Serviced?

Nowadays owning a car is quite common. Just like any other machine, a car needs maintenance at certain intervals based on its use. It is not economical to keep the vehicle without proper maintenance.

So, let us go through some of the basic factors which should be taken into consideration while deciding the interval of a car service.

1. Go through the owner’s manual

Every car manufacturer provides owner’s manual, which has all the details related to a specific car model including how often the car should be serviced. This information is generally within certain kilometers or certain period. Mostly all manufacturers provide an initial service of car on a free-of-cost basis.

So, this is the first document which should be referred to as it contains model specific information. If you have any confusion regarding this document, it is advisable to contact the dealer immediately.

2. Extreme hot or cold climate conditions

In certain parts of the world, weather is at an extreme level. For starters, India is a predominantly hot country. This factor too affects your car. If the climate is not favourable, certain parts of the car do not work properly. For example, if the weather is too cold, the engine may not start even after several attempts.

So, if you are living in such a place where the weather does not remain stable, you will need to get your car serviced frequently.

3. Conditions of roads to be travelled

Proper roads add life to cars because if roads are proper, your car ride is smooth and due to the same, parts do not require maintenance frequently. For example, you do not need to change tyres for many years if you are using the car to drive on smooth roads.

Unlike above, if roads are on mountainous areas or are patchy, or de-iced, your car should be serviced again and again.

4. Car carrying heavy load

Many people use their car to carry heavy luggage due to long travel plans or due to their usual course of business. In this case, car engine requires more power and breaks require load when used. So, ultimately your car require maintenance is more frequently than in normal situations.

5. Long distance travelling

Many people use their car for long distance travelling. They prefer their cars instead of other modes of travel such as bus, train, flight, etc. So, the use of a car is more than normal. In addition to that, other factors, such as roads, climate etc. differs from place to place. In this situation, the maintenance requires more frequently to keep the car up-to-date.

All the above mentioned points clarify that depending on the usage of the car, it should be serviced within proper times to keep it running smoothly. And whenever possible, service should be done through authorized Hyundai service centers only to keep the vehicle well maintained.

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