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Five Smart Hyundai Car Care Tips For Winters

The chills are just kicking in and with winters almost setting in, it is time for us to get our woolens out and at the same time, prepare our homes for the cold. But why should this preparation leave out your Hyundai car, right? So our expert Hyundai technicians actually listed down five smart Hyundai car care tips for winters.

Hyundai car care tips for winters

1. Take special care of your car battery

Your Hyundai car’s battery is one of the most vital components to keep the vehicle running smoothly. But during winters, it just needs a little extra care. When the temperature drops, the fluid inside the battery tends to get thickened and that results in the current not flowing seamlessly. So if your battery is discharged, top it up. And in case it is weak, replace it with a new one instead to ensure a great driving experience.

2. Do a coolant check 

The coolant is like an anti-freeze. It prevents the engine of your Hyundai car from freezing when the temperatures hit a low. So make sure that the coolant level is always up to the mark and there are absolutely no leaks in the engine that might result in it draining out. Our Hyundai expert technicians recommend a 50-50 mix of coolant and water during the winters.

3. Check your tyres and tyre pressure 

Tyres suffer the most amount of wear and tear in all seasons, and they need special care during winters. The dip in air temperature can result in the dropping of tyre pressure – every 10 degrees drop in temperature, results in one pound square inch drop in pressure. So make it a practice to check your tyre pressure regularly during the winters.

4. Inspect your lighting system

Driving during the winters can be tricky. The thick fog can really hamper the visibility for the driver and result in accidents. The lighting system plays an important role in this season. So make sure your headlights and fog lights are working well. As an added tip from our Hyundai technicians, look for a low budget restoration kit in case any of the lights are not functioning as they do.

5. Keep the tank full till the brim

This one is really important and is often ignored by drivers. A fuel tank that is filled up to the brim, it prevents water from accumulating inside the fuel pump. This keeps the engine from becoming cold even when the temperatures drop.

When you buy a Hyundai car, you’re not just doing it to check another item off your milestone list. You’re making a commitment to keep yourself safe on the roads, and at the same time, keep your Hyundai car safe too.

While these five smart tips will help you keep your Hyundai car running well throughout the winters, it is also advisable to schedule it for servicing at an authorized Hyundai service center. At Capital Hyundai, we have Hyundai trained technicians to take care of every little need of your vehicle so that you don’t have to do anything by yourself.

If you’re too busy, we even schedule a pick and drop for your Hyundai vehicle, taking care of your car like we would take care of ours.

Book your Hyundai car service today.

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