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Hyundai Car Care: Six Point Vehicle Check

No matter how careful a driver you are, every vehicle needs maintenance from time to time. It’s all about adding more years to its life, by getting it the Hyundai car care it deserves. After all, a service from an authorised Hyundai service center will only prepare your car for all seasons – be it summer, winter or the monsoons!

But what’s a checklist you need to keep in mind?

Six point Hyundai vehicle check

1. Battery: Battery connections should be kept clean, tight and corrosion-free. You should always      check that the battery and charging system are giving optimal performance. It is worth to note here that batteries don’t always give a warning sign before they fail. So it is recommended that you replace your battery after three years.

2. Antifreeze: It lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid and increases its boiling point. Antifreeze which is also known as the coolant, should be flushed and refilled at least every two years in most vehicles. 100 percent antifreeze should not be added as full-strength antifreeze actually has a lower freeze point than when mixed with water.

3. Brakes: Brakes are the most important element in vehicle safety. If your brake system is not functioning well, you actually might end up in an accident that causes more damage than you think. It is advisable to have your braking systems checked at regular intervals. Considering the traffic conditions these days, we highly recommend visiting a an authorised Hyundai service center at least once in two months for a general checkup.

4. Tires: Tire tread depth and tire pressure should be checked regularly. Nowadays tires are also available to suit the different type of roads you drive on regularly. For instance, if your city receives snow often, you should consider special tires with more grip. The tire pressure should be maintained as per the temperature – if you’re not sure what it should be, consult a Hyundai technician instead.

5. Oil: You should be very diligent about changing the oil at recommended intervals and check the fuel, air and transmission filters at the same time. Temperature should also be kept in mind while changing car engines. Frequent oil changes are a critical part of proper engine maintenance. It keeps the moving parts from grinding against each other causing any kind of wear and tear.

6. Wiper Blades: There are situations where the wiper blades are not working properly. While you might think they aren’t as important if you get your Hyundai car cleaned regularly; the truth is that they play a crucial role in your driving experience. When changing the blades, have the windshield wiper system nozzles cleaned and adjusted if necessary. Also check the fluid level in the windshield washer reservoir.

Hyundai car care isn’t just about keeping these 6 things in mind. It goes way beyond that! That’s why you should trust an authorised Hyundai service center in Noida for your car – someone who will not just keep everything working well for your car, but also help you understand your car’s needs.

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