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Hyundai Car Care: Keep Your Car Fuel-Efficient By Keeping These Tips In Mind

Price of fuel are soaring by the day and that affects a car owner’s monthly budget to a great extent. Also, the vehicle can burn up to 30 percent more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed on a regular basis. Here are some Hyundai car care tips to keep it fuel efficient.

You all may be aware of the importance of regular car maintenance, but for many reasons, you just don’t do it often enough. So, if you keep your car fully fuel-efficient, your overall maintenance costs can be reduced and you can add more years to the life of your car.

Let’s go through some of the basic tips to keep your car fuel-efficient.

1) Schedule routine maintenance checks

This is something you can easily find in the owner’s manual. So, based on type of car, it should always be maintained on regular intervals so that subsequent expenses for the car can be reduced.

Whenever possible, maintenance should be done from authorized Hyundai dealership and workshop. It’s better when the experts take a look at your Hyundai!

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2) Buy Right Parts

When there are instances to change parts for your car, create a habit of getting parts designed specifically for your car by an authorized manufacturer. If the parts of your car are inferior, if affects overall car performance.

3) Change the air filters

No one believes but it is fact that air filters can affect your car’s performance. Cars with clogged air filters may not accelerate as quickly as cars with clean air filters.

So, change the air filter at least the set number of times outlined in the owner’s manual, more if you drive in dusty conditions.

4) Tire pressure

Check the tire pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel. If tires are 8 pounds under inflated, (not an uncommon condition), rolling resistance of the tires increases by 5 per cent.

5) Fuel at pump station

At the pump, keep the hose in the tank until after the pump shuts off and make sure you allow all the fuel to pour out of the nozzle. As much as a quarter of a cup can pour from the hose.

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6) Drive your car smoothly

Think ahead! Drive smoothly. By applying light throttle and avoiding heavy braking, you can reduce both fuel consumption and wear and tear. Research suggests driving techniques can influence fuel efficiency by as much as 30 per cent.

7) If you own an old car

If your car is old, chances are it has an oxygen sensor in its exhaust system. It should be replaced just as you would replace the spark plugs, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. This little device trims the fuel delivery and has a profound effect on fuel economy in the process.

8) Travel

Lighten your load. Think carefully about what you need on a journey. If you do not need something, do not pack it. Remove roof racks if not needed, as they create wind drag. The lighter the load, the lower the fuel consumption and emissions.

An extra 100 pounds in the trunk reduces a typical car’s fuel economy by 1 to 2 per cent. Carrying excess weight wastes fuel.


It is perfectly economical to keep your car fuel efficient. So, keep these tips in mind as an example and maintain your car properly that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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