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Hyundai Car Care And Maintenance Tips: Myths v/s Reality

When it comes to Hyundai car care and maintenance, everyone has a different tip to share. There are some that are technically sound and right, and then there are those that you should believe at your own risk. Here’s taking a look at some of the most common myths and what the truth behind them is.

There are many automotive maintenance tips that seem to look real, but they may turn out to be myths. They may seem to be logical, deeply-thought-of pieces of advice, but in reality it may not turn out to be true. You may end up paying higher expenses in the long run.

Let’s have a look at the myths that have taken over but definitely are not a reality:

1) Tire pressure

Myth: Tires should be inflated to the pressure embossed on the tire’s sidewalls

Reality: The embossed sidewalls indicate the maximum pressure

What needs to be done: Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure, generally printed on a sticker inside the fuel-filler door or driver’s door jamb. Simply opt for a check on a monthly basis in absence of any other manual or instructions.

2) Fuel type

Myth: Premium fuel is better than regular grade fuel

Reality: Most vehicles are designed to work just fine with normal grade fuel and premium fuel is necessary only if mentioned.

What needs to be done: Opt for the octane grade that is mentioned in your vehicle’s owner manual.

3) Replacing tires

Myth: No need to replace the tires until they are worn out

Reality: Tires need to be replaced when its tread wears to the minimum depth of 2/32 inch in most areas. But this level turns out to be very risky.

What needs to be done: Prefer replacing the tires before they are fully worn out. At 4/32, tires still have some all-weather grip, which is the best time to start searching for new tires. Also, you can utilize the tires to utmost if you rotate them using the schedule given in the car’s owner’s manual.

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4) Engine warm-up

Myth: Let the engine warm up for some minutes before driving

Reality: The engine warms up quickly even before the driving has begun

What needs to be done: There is no need to warm up the engine. Just get in the car and you can start driving. Sooner the engine warms up, faster it reaches the maximum efficiency and delivers best performance and fuel economy.

5) Warranty conditions

Myth: A dealer needs to perform your car’s regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid

Reality: There is no need to get the maintenance done by dealer, only recommended schedule needs to be followed

What needs to be done: You can get the maintenance done from any trusted mechanic. Just keep the records and receipts that can act as backup at the time of warranty dispute.

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6) Special service during seasonal changes

Myth: Special service is required at the time of winter or summer set in

Reality: No special service is required depending upon the season changes

What needs to be done: Just follow the regular maintenance schedule, there is no need to perform any seasonal service. Most of the new vehicles come with a long life coolant that last almost up to 100,000 miles – but better to check the owner’s manual and follow the instructions therein.

7) Engine oil replacement

Myth: Engine oil needs to be changed after every 3000 miles

Reality: It is not a necessity. Most vehicles can be driven up to 7500 miles or more before an oil change is needed.

What needs to be done: Follow the oil change schedule mentioned in the owner’s manual. Depending on the driving conditions, the change intervals can vary from 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Frequent changing of oil is just a waste of money!

Wrapping up

Simply follow the owner’s manual and save yourself from all these maintenance myths that most of the car owners follow and gradually waste their money.

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