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How To Take Care Of Your Hyundai Car In The Rainy Season

Don’t you just love the monsoons? The rains bring the soaring temperatures to a down-low and wash everything clean. Chai and pakodas become staple during the wet season. The breeze is cool and refreshing and for once, everyone is a good mood.

However, there is a flip side.

Monsoons, though bring much needed respite to the people from the heat, throw a number of challenges to those who own cars. The weather tests your patience, readiness and all of your skills you need to keep your car up and running.

But it is not necessarily a huge task to maintain your car IF you have or are willing to take few precautions to keep your car in a fit condition during the rains. Without further ado, here are seven car maintenance tips that to follow during the monsoons:

1) Cover your car

Ever remember all the elders who would religiously cover their vehicles, come rain or sunshine? Guess what? They did it for a reason. Getting the basics right sometimes is all you need to protect your car. Covering your car during a massive downpour will make sure that the interiors are protected from water seepage and dampening. Moreover, car covers also save the vehicle’s metal parts from corrosion. Do you agree with us on this?

2) Go for body coating

Apart from covering your car, you also should body coat your car. What does that mean, you ask? These coatings include an underbody, anti-rust layer of paint for the body of the vehicle. This coating can be done at authorized showrooms, by authorized service stations or by those friendly mechanics around the corner on a busy city centre street.

Bottom line, body coating does wonders in protecting your car. If you are looking to get this done for your Hyundai car, please head to our showroom and we will do it for you quickly.

3) Wash your car frequently

It might not make sense when we say that you must wash your car regularly because the rain water does a bit of cleaning anyway. But the truth is that your car collects grime and dirt even while driving on wet roads. Frequent cleaning will neutralize the acidity in rain water and protect the vehicle from contaminants that can damage the paint.

If you are planning to give your beloved Hyundai beauty a thorough scrub, head to our showroom.

4) Make the car’s interiors rain-proof

Whatever you do, the moisture does seep inside the car and affect the interiors during the rainy season. Therefore, you should replace rubber mats with fabric mats till the monsoons bid us all farewell. These products help to soak up all the moisture. Keep essential oils or herbs handy to get rid of the foul smell in your car.

5) Get your tires routinely checked

Tires can literally be the difference between life and death during monsoons. Hence, please make sure the treads have to be of certain depth and pressure at the right level so that they don’t skid on the wet roads. When was the last time you got your car tires checked?

6) Fix those loose electrical connections

Patch all the loose and exposed electrical connections in your vehicle. Make sure that all external wires are insulated so that you don’t get a shock or something. This is particularly dangerous, so please don’t let your children get careless around the vehicle. Check all the lights if they are in good working condition and always carry extra fuses, especially if you have planned a long road trip.

7) Ensure your AirCon is working fine

Your car’s air conditioner is the last thing you will focus on during a relatively chilly weather. But when using the demister, set the fan speed to low, turn the vent control to the windscreen, set the control to fresh outside air and turn on the AC. This way you won’t feel stuffed, and the interiors of the car will always smell fresh.

Over to you

Lastly, get the car battery checked. Also, it would not hurt to apply a coat of petroleum jelly on the terminals to protect them from moisture. And if you need to service your Hyundai car, our experienced team is waiting to service you.

Happy monsoon driving!

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