keep your hyundai car safe during diwali

How To Keep Your Hyundai Car Safe This Diwali

It’s the festive season again and we’re all absolutely ecstatic about the sweets, crackers and colourful lights all around us. While we all do our bit to keep ourselves and our loved ones absolutely safe amidst all the firecrackers, we often tend to forget about our family cars, leaving them out in the open. Now after you have had a great time with your family on Diwali, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to come away with an unpleasant sight of a damaged vehicle the next morning.

So we decided to get you ready much before Diwali with some tips straight from the Hyundai experts.

1. Avoid your car cover

In case you park your car outside in the open, avoid using your car covers during the Diwali celebrations. While you might think the cover can keep your car from being scratched or thrown trash over, the covers are not fire proof and can catch fire from the smallest of sparks from the firecrackers around. And there is no way you can keep a check on the firecrackers being burst close by.

2. Choose a closed parking 

If you can arrange for one, it is always a wise decision to keep your Hyundai car parked in a closed parking. A shed over and around your vehicle, will only ensure that your car remains safe and secure from any and all misfired firecrackers.

3. Stay alert while driving

We know you’re always driving carefully, but being a little more cautious during Diwali is a good idea. Watch out for people lighting the firecrackers on the road. They might have set a long firecracker lane on the roads or the sound might just make you lose control over the vehicle. Keeping even the smallest of sparks away from the fuel pipes is always a good idea.

4. Keep your car windows closed 

When parked or while driving, ensure that your Hyundai car windows are tightly shut. Remember that the interiors of your vehicle are highly inflammable and if a firework lands inside the vehicle by any chance, everything can catch fire almost immediately. The number of cases of firecrackers misfiring have been on the rise. It is always wise to keep your guard on.

5. Get a fire extinguisher 

Even though it is one of the practices suggested by most automobile experts, we don’t tend to keep a fire extinguisher in our vehicle. Even if it is a small one, having it handy will only make it easier to control the fire incase there is an incident. During Diwali, we highly recommend keeping one easily accessible to the Hyundai car occupants. Also, make sure that everyone knows how to use a fire extinguisher.

6. Keep a first aid box 

This might not come as a tip for keeping your vehicle safe, but it sure should be a part of your Diwali-proofing of the vehicle. Keep a small first aid kit in the car for burns and small injuries that might just happen while handling firecrackers.

7. Don’t drink and drive 

If you want to keep your Hyundai car, yourself and the other occupants safe, don’t drink and drive. The most common damages to a vehicle and the accidents on Diwali, are caused by the drinking. While we don’t want to stop you from celebrating with friends and family, we want you to make sure you’re not a danger to yourself. Incase you think you are going to be drinking or feel you are not fit enough to drive, choose to hail a cab or ask a friend or family member for help. Better safe, than sorry!

When you think about it all, keeping yourself and your Hyundai car safe during Diwali is all about being mindful. Think about everything before you execute it and keep in mind, that some damages can be irreversible.

How do you plan on keeping your Hyundai car safe this Diwali?

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