Hyundai car myths

Five Silly Hyundai Car Myths – Busted!

Most car sellers share all the basic details with the buyer about the car at the time of selling. But, what car owners don’t provide is mechanical information. Just a few points are discussed on maintaining a car.

Since purchasing a car is a big investment and not something a majority of public would take lightly, people are bound to do their own research to take care of their cars. But since there is so much content on the same out on the internet, opinions come up and myths are formed.

That’s why let us get into the mechanics and bust some myths related to cars.

1. Premium fuel means more performance

Premium fuel will be advantageous for only those engines that require it. Any high end sports car or a turbocharged petrol vehicle will need premium fuel due to its high-performance engine. Premium fuel has high octane level, which puts pressure on the engine. Whereas low octane gas can ignite the engine too quickly which is risky.

Simply put, premium fuel makes no difference in a regular car.

2. Shooting at the fuel tank will cause car explosion

A lot of Hollywood and Bollywood action movies show that the protagonist shoots a single bullet in a car’s fuel tank which causes the vehicle to explode.

But this is not a fact and it is not that easy for a car to explode. A flaming bullet may be able to cause an explosion but a normal bullet shot from a distance does not cause car explosion.

3. Over inflation is more risky than under inflation

Most people believe that it is risky to over inflate a tire as it might cause a burst. However, the situation is reverse here. Under inflation is far more risky. While driving, if a tire is under inflated, it will generate more heat due to friction. And more heat may cause a tire to burst.

In most of the cases, a tire burst happens as a result of under inflation than over inflation.

4. Rolling down the windows and not using AC boosts fuel economy

When driving a car at lower speed, doing this can help to boost the fuel the economy. But the situation does not remain same in case where the speed rises. Reason being, as the speed increases, the wind force increases equally. If the windows are rolled down, it will cause more drag resulting in lesser fuel economy.

The best way to deal would be roll up the windows and just keep the blower on and not the AC.

5. Filling up the tank in the morning gets you more fuel

Most people assume that filling up the fuel in the morning would allow them a bit of extra petrol or diesel as the liquid would be denser in the morning. But the fact is that the fuel pump dealers store both petrol and diesel underground. This helps in maintaining constant temperature without impacting the temperature on surface.

So it makes no difference if you refill the fuel early morning or at any time of the day.

Do your research well and save yourself from spending your hard-earned money unnecessarily. But incase you’re still confused, the experts at our Hyundai showroom are always there to help you out.

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