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Expert Tips To Maintain Your Hyundai Car In Its Best Condition

When you buy a new car, it is in top most condition – all shiny and everything seems to be working perfectly. But as you start to drive your vehicle on the Indian roads, you realise how frequently it requires servicing to remain in a good working condition. In this post, we’re sharing some expert tips on how to maintain your Hyundai car for even years after you buy it.

Tips to maintain your Hyundai Car


The engine is the most important part of the car. The car owner should keep a tab on the engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and washer fluid levels respectively. The engine oil and coolant should be between F and L; brake fluid and power steering fluid should be between MAX and MIN. The washer fluid should be sufficient at all times.

You should always use company recommended maintenance products and get your Hyundai car serviced at an Authorized Hyundai Service Center in Noida.


The battery exterior, terminals and connections should be clean and dry. Any dust or spilled electrolyte should be cleaned and the battery should be dismounted if it’s not going to be used for a long period. It’s advisable to let the Hyundai experts handle your battery to avoid any damage.


Even if the tires of your Hyundai car are not damaged, they should be changed every 10,000 km. Any abnormal damage, unevenness and alignment should be checked instantly. After a replacement, the tire pressure and tightness should be checked before taking the car on the roads.

Exterior & Interior

The car should be washed at least once a month with a car wash shampoo but Water jet, strong soap or chemicals should not be used.

Interior dust should be cleaned by vacuuming, the glass fogs and surface dirt should be cleaned using a glass cleaner. Any perfume and cosmetic oil should be cleaned from dashboard, in case of a spill.


The electrical system is supported by the fuse.  If the lights, controls or accessories of the car have any problems, then the fuse should be checked first. If it is damaged then it should be repaired.

Starting the car

If the car doesn’t start or starts slowly then check battery connections, starter connections, and fuel levels but don’t push or pull the car. The jump start should be done in presence of technician.

Other tips

While you’re driving the car, you should check that the handbrake and horn are working properly. The power steering, coolant and battery electrolyte should be checked once a week. Also assemblies, pipes and hoses should be checked regularly for avoiding leaks.

Also make sure lights and lamps are clean. If they are not working, then they should be replaced as soon as possible. When you are replacing the electrical lights or lamps make sure to switch off the ignition and the light in order to avoid burning your fingers.

Regular maintenance of your Hyundai car is not a difficult task. It will help avoid serious problems in the future and also help increase the life of your car.

Pro tip: Visit an Authorized Hyundai Service Center in Noida to know ongoing deals on Hyundai servicing.

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