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Don’t Let Heavy Rains Ruin Your Hyundai Driving Experience

It’s raining heavily everywhere. The roads are choked and there is endless traffic, that is actually ruining your vehicles. Right from the car brakes to the air conditioners, and the horn, almost every part of your Hyundai vehicle is currently at stake. Here are some tips from our Hyundai expert technicians to keep your car in its best shape and continue an awesome Hyundai driving experience, despite the heavy downpour.

Protecting your Hyundai car exteriors

1. Keep your vehicle clean 

It might seem like it is too tedious a thing to do when it is continually raining, but this is important. Keeping your Hyundai car clean is very important to ensure that your car exteriors remain in their top condition. If you don’t prefer doing it yourself, you can definitely hire someone to do the basic cleaning every day or send it to our service centre for a good car wash.

Also, you might not want to use that cover of yours. While it might keep some water away, and also the leaves and twigs falling all over, the cover tends to stick to your Hyundai car exteriors due to moisture and peeling it off later, will only mess up your car paint.

You might not agree, but your Hyundai driving experience sure will be hampered when you know your car paint is off from everywhere.

2. Clean under the bonnet and the boot always

Yes, we all keep the bonnet and the boot clean. But sometimes, we forget cleaning under it and that is what is important when it is raining so much. Leaves tend to get stuck under them, ending up clogging the water drainage, and eventually it leads to actually causing rust. That definitely does not sound like a good thing to any one of us!

3. Get an underbody coating for your car 

The underbody of your Hyundai car is the most neglected. But you can protect it by simply spraying a mix of diesel and used engine oil for the monsoons. The mix basically keeps the grime away and avoids moisture from getting accumulated anywhere under the car. This actually keeps from rust under the car. Although, avoid spraying it on the engine or the exhaust components to prevent fire hazards.

Better still, you should get your Hyundai car to the service centre and let the expert technicians handle it.

4. Apply a paint protection 

Like we mentioned in tip number one, using covers is going to only ruin your Hyundai car paint. But that does not mean you can’t keep the top of your car in its top condition. Applying a paint protection film is the best way to keep your paint from chipping away or becoming dull over time due to rain, and moisture. What’s best is that this protection film will also keep your car paint safe in other seasons too.

Other alternatives to this including using a simple car wax or polish. If you’re unsure about which one to choose or what you should be going for, you can simply call our experts and ask them for help, on +91-9958994282.

Protecting your Hyundai car interiors

If you haven’t noticed already, your Hyundai car interiors definitely take a hit during the monsoons. But there’s no way for you to avoid getting into the car, when you’re drenched either. So is there really something you can do to avoid major damage, and ensure a great Hyundai driving experience? Yes.

1. Keep some newspaper at hand 

One of the smartest ways to keep your Hyundai car interiors clean, is to keep some newspapers at hand. They serve as a good way to absorb the water instantly, and it is cheap too! Just spread them over your carpets and mats, to avoid the muck.

But do remember to get rid of the old newspapers as soon as they have done their job.

2. Use some towels to dry the seats 

You may not have the time to send in your Hyundai car to a service centre for the seats to dry up. A quick fix that is cheap and effective, is to use some towels as soon as you reach home. They absorb the water immediately and fasten the drying up process.

3. Get your AC serviced 

You might not feel like it, but your AC needs to be serviced during the monsoons to ensure a good Hyundai driving experience. The AC needs to work overtime to reduce moisture, and that’s why it needs to be looked into. If you think that the cooling is not as effective, it’s time to send in your vehicle to an authorised service centre for the experts to take a look at!

4. Keep in mind to use the defogger 

This instantly defogs your windscreen, and ensures you don’t struggle with a cloth to clear up the fog – which actually just leaves more streaks on it. Hyundai cars come with defoggers; you just need to ensure that you’re using them in order to avoid the moisture ruining the interiors of your vehicle and your driving.

5. Check those tyres 

Tyres are very prone to wear and tear. To ensure a great Hyundai driving experience, please keep a check on all your tyres. The roads are as it is slippery and you don’t want an incident to happen simply because one of your tyres burn out.

At the same time, sometimes this might not be possible. That is why you should keep a spare tyre in your car at all times. If you’re a little unsure about your tyres, you can contact our experts to take care of it, on +91-9958994282.

6. Ensure your headlamps are clean 

Let’s just say this tip is important for better visibility when it is raining so heavily. You don’t want to lose sight of all the other vehicles, and at the same time, you don’t want to make yourself prone to driving into things.

While these basic tips will ensure your Hyundai car remains in its top condition during these heavy monsoons, a good thing to keep in mind here is to also ‘drive slower’ than usual. It will just keep you safe!

Want to get your Hyundai vehicle serviced and prepared for the heavy downpour? 

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