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Do It Yourself Diesel Car Maintenance

When you have decided to buy a Car, the first and foremost thing that strikes the mind is whether you want a diesel or a petrol variant and then followed by the brand according to the choice of the vehicle type. Diesel cars need more imperative maintenance to last longer. Although they last longer when kept in a good condition but they do not require high cost maintenance, just the regular air filters and oil filters need to be changed and kept in good condition. The urea injection systems that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions also need refilling, which is usually done as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.

As a thumb rule, you should not try to clean the fuel injectors by yourself in diesel cars but if you follow the user’s manual, it could last till 10,000 kilometers easily. After all, the truckers give much preference to the diesel engines as they believe that these engines are more reliable, powerful and easy to maintain. Here are some tips on what could be down by yourself:

Change the Air filter

Always remember, once you change the air filter of a diesel car, make sure that the engine is switched off. A diesel engine’s air intake produces a powerful suction which could pull the items into the engine if not switched off while replacement is being made.

Change the Fuel Filters

There are generally two filters in a diesel engine. The first is located between the fuel tank and the engine, and the second is located closer to the engine. For this you need to follow your owner’s manual for the right procedure and technique to do it yourself.

Draining the Water Separator

A diesel engine’s water separator acts to remove any extra water present in the fuel due to condensation. Located close to the first fuel filter, between the fuel tank and engine, the water separator in a diesel engine can be manually emptied. This could be also done by following the guidelines.

Check on the Glow plugs

In the colder months, your diesel engine relies on heating elements called glow plugs to get the engine’s cylinder up to the temperature required for facilitating combustion. Season after season, these mini heaters work overtime. Frequent inspection of glow plugs is necessary, especially in colder weather.

Create Maintenance Records

A maintenance record helps to improve your regularly serviced car. It also ensures about resale value. Warranties many a times require a certain amount of service checks to ensure validity of your car.

So these are some tips that could help you make your car last longer by doing a bit. In case you still feel that a little guidance and supervision is required, please visit us at Capital Hyundai, Noida and our team would be happy to assist you.

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