How To Clean Your Hyundai Car Tyres The Right Way

As we start to drive our vehicles more regularly and across different terrains, you will notice that the appearance of the tyres go from black to slightly brown on the sidewalls. And it only gets worse with time, making your car look like it just came out of a dirt rally – no matter how well maintained the rest of the body is. So our experts are going to share how to keep your tyres clean at all times!

Cleaning your Hyundai car tyres the right way

Step 1: Wet the car tyres with clean water

Start with the simplest of things. Whenever you’re washing your Hyundai car, make it a point to also wash the wheels with clean water. You can use a garden hose to smartly remove the superficial dirt from your car tyres. If you think there is still too much dirt on them, you can use a scrubber or a brush to remove this excess mud.

Step 2: Create the right cleaning solution 

Take a bucket, fill it up with some water and add some dish washing soap into it. This will create a foamy solution that you can use to clean your car and your tyres. In case you’re using a wheel cleaner, remember to first saturate the solution before putting it to use. Not doing so, can actually harm your tyres in the longer run. Most tyre cleaners come with a set of instructions with them – remember to read those carefully.

Step 3: Use a soft brush to clean the tyres 

Once you have put the foamy solution or tyre cleaning solution on the tyres, make use of a brush to remove the traces of dirt. Focus on covering every inch of the sidewalls to make sure your tyres are getting cleaned properly. Avoid using a hard brush here as it might only result in scratches or surface abrasion, which damages your car tyres in the long run.

Step 4: Rinse off the tyres with clean water 

A lot of us do a hurried job when it comes to the final rinse off. But this is where it is the most important to not just get the remaining dirt off the tyres, but also the cleaning solution you have made use of. Instead of the usual bucket-mug approach, use a garden hose instead.

Step 5: Dry out the tyres 

With the increasing temperatures, you might not think this is even necessary. But to keep your Hyundai car tyres healthy, it is important to dry them with a cloth towel after the wash. This helps remove water beads that might form on the sidewalls, later creating moisture that further attracts dirt when the vehicle is on the roads.

Step 6: Apply a tyre dressing 

The tyre dressing is basically what restores the black appearance of the tyres. Using a sponge, you can apply tyre dressing on the sidewalls after they have been dried. Remember to consult or buy tyre dressing from authorised Hyundai service centers only.

Think keeping your car tyres clean is too much work or don’t have the time for it? Fret not, we got you covered. 

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