How To Clean Your Hyundai Car Tyres The Right Way

As we start to drive our vehicles more regularly and across different terrains, you will notice that the appearance of the tyres go from black to slightly brown on the sidewalls. And it only gets worse with time, making your car look like it just came out of a dirt rally – no matter how well maintained the rest of the body is. So our experts are going to share how to keep your tyres clean at all times!

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Keep Your Car Cabin Cool This Summer

The temperatures are rising. It is becoming practically impossible to even step out for five minutes without wishing that you hadn’t in the first place. Well, your Hyundai car is no different. Often having to park in open spaces, the cars are getting as heated up and when you step into them for a ride, the first few minutes feel nothing short of a sauna by itself. That’s why we sat down with our Hyundai experts at Capital Hyundai to figure out ways you can still keep your car cabin cool this summer.

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diesel car maintenance

Diesel Car Maintenance: Tips From Hyundai Car Experts

While you decide to buy a car, every individual has a question in mind- Diesel or Petrol? But in the end it depends on what you really want, depending on your budget, fuel efficiency and needs. Almost every car brand has a separate line up both for Petrol as well as Diesel vehicles.  Though Diesel Vehicles have a much better fuel efficiency, at the same time the diesel engine costs approximately a lakh more than a petrol engine. So here are diesel car maintenance tips from experts!

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