car dry wash campaign

Welcome the New Captain Planet aka Hyundai with its Car Dry Wash Campaign

Global warming may be an issue of distress at the parliament, but no matter what anyone says, let’s face it, it is real, not only as a concept but as a hazard that is capable of wrecking life on the planet. The speed of development is far outstripping our desire to retain nature, and the steps for the latter are far too few. However, even though few and slow, the steps are steady and should be applauded wherever they are being taken, especially if they are being taken by companies that are contributing towards development too. And one such company is Hyundai, which is treading on the path of becoming the new-age Captain Planet with its Car Dry Wash Campaign.

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road safety with hyundai

Bring about the ‘Safe Move’! What Hyundai’s latest road safety campaign teaches us

India is a country with one of the highest numbers of road accidents, as per statistics, and this is not a number to be proud of. In our daily hustle, where we somehow fall short of minutes, yet we have to reach on time, we take the risks and short cuts caring less for our lives, and at that moment, we care less about those who care about us. One wrong cut, one precarious move, and life are lost, and along with that life tossed into the bin of death are a thousand dreams that were too small for the universe perhaps but were the universe of that person and those who mattered to him. Life matters, and so does your safe moves, and that is what Hyundai’s latest road safety campaign aims to teach us. Here are a few things that we deciphered from it, and so should you.

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car care tips

Race Longer! Here Are Some Tips That’ll Ensure Your Car Has A Lasting Life

Owning a car is a dream come true for those who are in love with the racy front of automobiles. They woo the beasts and are wooed by the styles of the four-wheelers they bring home and make memories with. Cars are not just practical vehicles of a commute now, they are an integral part of the lives we built, and an echo of the journey that our lives are. So, why should we pay any less attention to it? Here are a few tips that will ensure that your car has a long and healthy span, sans many hiccups.

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best car seat covers

Suit Up Your Seat! Here’s How You Can Pick The Best Seat Covers For Your Cars

Owning a vehicle is a dream cherished by many. However, besides the mechanical and auto-related features that serve as an adrenaline rush, have you ever thought about the aesthetic layout of your beloved beast? Well, you should, for the appearance of your car matters just as much as the internal functioning. Seat covers form one such important aesthetical aspect. And today we are going to give you a few tips as to how can you choose the best seat cover for your car, one that only looks good but feels good too.

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hyundai car audio system

Trill On That Tune! A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Car Audio System

You got your first car. Brilliant! And now you want to go on those long drives, crazy trips, making your car as much a part of all your adventures as you and your pals are. But you know what’s missing? A kickass and totally rad music system to elevate that travel experience, turning it into a journey of a lifetime, creating memories that will last forever. Music makes your soul dance and your senses squeal in delight, and travel and tune does make an appealing combination, don’t you think? But here’s the question? How to choose the best audio system for your car, one that ticks all the boxes on the list? Fret not for we are here to help you do exactly that; and no, it doesn’t involve you going overboard with your car audio capacitor, just making the best use of it.

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