diesel car maintenance

Diesel Car Maintenance: Tips From Hyundai Car Experts

While you decide to buy a car, every individual has a question in mind- Diesel or Petrol? But in the end it depends on what you really want, depending on your budget, fuel efficiency and needs. Almost every car brand has a separate line up both for Petrol as well as Diesel vehicles.  Though Diesel Vehicles have a much better fuel efficiency, at the same time the diesel engine costs approximately a lakh more than a petrol engine. So here are diesel car maintenance tips from experts!

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maintain car mileage

Steps To Follow For Improving Your Car’s Mileage

Buying a car is easy, whether you take it on the down payment or you take a car loan. But many of us never bother to look at the car mileage. A lot of us in our daily lives use the word average and also associate with the car. But the real word is known as the car mileage. Mileage tells you how efficient the car is in terms of fuel consumption. This gives you a fair idea as to how you need to drive your car and also how to maintain it as per the efficiency.

Here are some steps which you should take to improve your car mileage.

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summer car care tips

Summer Car Care Tip 101: Get Your Car Summer Ready

It’s that time of the year again; when winds will be sharp and the heat will poke you in the forbidden corners of your body, making you crave for icy drinks and splashes of heavenly streams. And you know what? Your car is no different. It too needs that summer car care in order to function in a cool and breezy manner, when all that the grizzly heat wants is to pull it down and out of function.

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