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6 Tips To Drive Your Hyundai Car Safely During The Rains

Driving during the rainy season can be stressful, and dangerous too. It becomes hard to see the road. To be honest, the condition of the streets in our country doesn’t help the cause. But don’t let the trouble. Don’t let the fact you are blaming the system spoil your mood to drive. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you have to reach home safe and sound.

Keeping that thought in mind, we share with you the following simple steps that can help you reach your home safely.

1) Check your tyres

Car treads work to get a better grip of the road by channeling water, dirt, and debris away from the contact patch. Make sure that the treads are in proper shape and haven’t worn out. This could severely impact the balance of your car while driving during the rains.

If your Hyundai car hasn’t been serviced, please visit our showroom so that our expert team can get your car in tip-top shape.

2) Inspect windshield wipers

Without windshield wipers, driving in the rains would be like swimming without goggles. Sounds funny? It is, but it is hazardous too! Rubber wiper blades collect mud and dirt leading to inconsistent wet patches on the shield.

This adversely affects the visibility and increases the chances of you getting into an accident. Therefore, clean the wipers regularly. Even if you see a small cut or crack in the blade, replace the wipers immediately. The rotors attached to the wipers wear out too. Keep an eye out on that as well and replace it if needed.

3) Turn your headlights on

However insignificant the rainfall may be, always drive with your car headlights on. This allows you to be visible to other drivers on the road. Honestly, it would be helpful to keep your car safe and would avoid other cards from ramming into yours. Lives saved, yay!

4) Avoid hydroplaning

There is a misconception that driving through a puddle quickly is safest because you’ll get through it faster, but that is grossly incorrect. If you are driving at a fast speed, the tires of your car will skim over the surface of the water. This particular step will cause the vehicle to hydroplane and make you lose control. That is extremely dangerous.

If you start to hydroplane, you have to keep both hands on the steering wheel and apply the brakes slowly. Do not jerk the wheel or slam the brakes as that can cause the vehicle to skid. The best way to avoid this scenario is by looking far down the road and decreasing the speed of the car when you approach a puddle.

5) Do not use cruise control

Cruise control helps when the roads are dry. It is used when you want to maintain a constant speed, which can never be the case during rains. As you will have to reduce speeds when you approach puddles of water, speed breakers or even slow moving traffic. Cruise control is not smart enough to detect water puddles on the road.

Keeping cruise control increases the chances of your car to hydroplane. Hence, please make sure you always drive in manual mode in the wet season.

6) Drive slow, really slow

Even though this seems like a straightforward and reasonable suggestion, it is the most important one. Give yourself more time to react by driving 5mph to 10mph below the speed limit. Please check your mirrors before starting the car. Do not overtake and keep to your right. Maintain a safe distance from other cars on the road.

Anything you can do to be a slower, more attentive, more courteous driver makes rainy weather safer for all drivers, not just for yourself. During the rains, you have to be extra cautious as your car could skid or ram into someone else’s car if the visibility is not all that great.

Closing thoughts

Be a responsible driver, and get your car serviced in case you haven’t done so in a long time. Please visit our showroom so that our expert team to get your car in the best shape possible. We are waiting to serve you. See you soon, and safe driving!

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Capital Hyundai Team

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