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6 Expert Tips On Maintaining Your Hyundai Car

Nowadays, having a car is considered a necessity than a luxury. This is the reason why most families own a car. However, at the end of the day, maintaining your Hyundai car is as important as making the big decision of investing in one.

Therefore when a new car is purchased, one must know how to maintain it. After all, maintenance cost and life of a car depends on how well it is maintained. Let us go through a few tips on car maintenance.

1. Free servicing offered by the dealer should never be missed

Mostly all the dealers provide free servicing for at least one year of buying a car. This service includes regular check-ups of spare parts, oiling the breaks, and wash. As these services are provided by authorized Hyundai dealers, the car is maintained properly. So, keep your car is up-to-date and new throughout the year with regular servicing.

2. Wheel alignment and balancing improve overall performance

It is necessary to undertake these activities so that the tires don’t get worn out within first few thousand kilometers. This affects fuel economy and overall performance. You are adding life to tires and putting yourself away from risk by proper alignment and balancing.

3. Break and belts add safety to the car

Failure of breaks may lead to very serious accident. So, it is important to ensure they are periodically replaced based on use of car. If you notice any problems with the car breaks, have them checked immediately.

Use seat belts while driving a car because in time of a mishap or an accident, the driver or passenger not wearing seat belts can very easily be thrown through the front, rear or side windows, resulting in serious injury or death.

4. Clean interiors as per requirement

In fact, it is the first thing which shows how car is maintained and it also increases the sale value when you want to trade your car. Many a time, a sale deal is cancelled even though all parts of the car are in good condition except the music system. Proper interiors also give your car a catchy appearance.

5. Fluids are the lifeblood of a car

Maintaining your Hyundai car fluid levels is extremely important. In order to keep your vehicle run smoothly with almost no mechanical issues, you must check the fluid levels regularly. This includes the brake fluid, power steering fluid, and motor oil.

All of these fluids work simultaneously to keep the car running smoothly. You can ask your mechanic to show you the method to check the same.

6. Check emission control systems

Depending on your location, you must check emission of your car periodically. This service is generally provided by professionals after doing proper diagnosis. Oxygen sensors and EGR valves are two major areas that need to be checked.

So, keep your car well equipped with emission control system and avoid environmental issues.

Prevention is better than cure. If you maintain your car from the beginning itself, subsequent costs on maintenance will be reduced and you will have comfortable drives all year round.

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