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10 Hyundai Car Features That You Should Be Looking For

The current scenario is such where there is no benchmark for the features that should be standard in cars. The laws are developing gradually. While some manufacturers focus on performance, some on the overall cost. Safety or convenience features differ from one car brand to another – here are 10 Hyundai car features that you should be looking out for.

One of the major differences is the cost of cars. In India, most of the cars fall in the range of 5 to 10 lac. Almost all of the cars in this range provide varied features. Adding to that, here is a list of 10 features that should be standard in every car:

1. Airbag for both front seats

The government of India has implemented a law which will make dual airbags a standard feature in every car from October 2018. Airbags act as a saviour in disaster scenarios and so there should be an airbag for both front seats in all variants of a car.

2. Adjustable steering

Most of the manufactures provide a fixed steering wheel in the lower variants of the car. But this leads to the driver sitting in uncomfortable positions many a time. This causes distraction for him or her which may lead to mishaps.

3. Adjustable seat height

Every person driving a car has a different height. The car manufacturers consider a standard height and accordingly fix the seat height. Therefore, it becomes difficult for short people to reach the pedals and the tall people find their heads touch the ceiling of the car. Adjustable seat height allows correct posture and thus better focus while driving.

4. Fog lamps

Fog lamps allow clear vision during foggy conditions. They are close to the ground and do not reflect back providing a better view of the road.

fog lamps - hyundai car features

5. Adjustable seat belts

The seat belts should touch the shoulder of the people inside the car for proper safety. If the seatbelt is unable to render its function of saving lives, then what is the use? Seat belts should be made adjustable in all variants of the car.

6. Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

ABS is designed in such a way that it can stop the wheels of the car locking under intensive braking situation. It can bring the car to a complete halt much quicker than disk brakes.

7. Day & night mirror

Most of the drivers use the high beam at night which makes it difficult to know the exact position of the cars falling behind. The internal rear view mirror should be such that it reduces the glare and helps in knowing the actual traffic.

8. Power windows

Having power windows adds to the convenience. With just one switch, all the windows can be controlled. This should become a standard feature.

9. Remote fuel & boot lid opening

To get out of the car and open the fuel lid or boot lid is too much of work. The driver should be able to perform either of the activities with just a click of a button. Not all cars have this feature.

10. Internally adjustable wing mirrors

The Outer Rear View Mirror (ORVM) should be adjustable from inside to provide proper view of the traffic to the driver.

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